Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 33.2. Highways and Other Surface Transportation Systems
Chapter 12. Outdoor Advertising in Sight of Public Highways

§ 33.2-1209. Applications for permits; fees.

A. A separate application for a permit shall be made for each separate advertisement or advertising structure, on a form furnished by the Commissioner of Highways, which application shall be signed by the applicant or his representative duly authorized in writing to act for him and shall describe and set forth the size, shape, and nature of the advertisement or advertising structure it is proposed to post, display, erect, or maintain and its actual or proposed location with sufficient accuracy to enable the Commissioner of Highways to identify such advertisement or advertising structure and to find its actual or proposed location.

B. Each application shall be accompanied by an application fee in an amount determined on the basis of the area of the advertisement or advertising structure for which the permit is sought, according to the following schedule:

1. $15 if such area does not exceed 74 square feet;

2. $30 if such area exceeds 74 square feet but does not exceed 1,824 square feet; and

3. $165 if such area exceeds 1,824 square feet.

In the computation of fees under this subsection, each side of the advertisement or advertising structure used or constructed to be used shall be separately considered. If the applicant elects to use an electronic application, the fee shall be reduced by $5 per application.

The fee shall be retained by the Commissioner of Highways if the permit is issued. If the permit is refused, the Commissioner of Highways shall refund one-half of the application fee to the applicant.

C. In addition to the fees required by subsection B, on any original application for an advertisement or advertising structure there shall be imposed an inspection charge of $50 for any advertisement or advertising structure to be located on an Interstate System, federal-aid primary, or National Highway System highway and $25 for any advertisement or advertising structure to be located on any other highway.

D. Each application shall be accompanied by the written consent, or in lieu thereof a copy certified by an officer authorized to take acknowledgments to deeds in the Commonwealth, of the owner of the real property upon which such advertisement or advertising structure is to be erected, used, maintained, posted, or displayed, or of such other person having the legal right to grant such consent, or of the duly authorized agent of such owner or other person, except that in the marsh or meadowland owned by the Commonwealth along either side of the causeway leading from the mainland to the Town of Chincoteague, the legal right to grant such consent shall be vested in the local governing body of such town.

E. Application shall be made in like manner for a permit to use, maintain, or display an existing advertisement or advertising structure.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.