Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 37.2. Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
Chapter 6. Behavioral Health Authorities

§ 37.2-608. Performance contract for mental health, developmental, and substance abuse services.

A. The Department shall develop and initiate negotiation of the performance contracts through which it provides funds to behavioral health authorities to accomplish the purposes set forth in this chapter. The Department may, notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, disburse state and federal funds appropriated to it for mental health, developmental, and substance abuse services directly to the behavioral health authority. Six months prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the Department shall make available to the public the standard performance contract form that it intends to use as the performance contract for that fiscal year and solicit public comments for a period of 60 days.

B. Any behavioral health authority may apply for the assistance provided in this chapter by submitting annually to the Department its proposed performance contract for the next fiscal year together with the approval of its board of directors and the approval by formal vote of the governing body of the city or county that established it. The behavioral health authority shall make its proposed performance contract available for public review and solicit public comments for a period of 30 days prior to submitting its proposed contract for the approval of its board of directors. To avoid disruptions in service continuity and allow sufficient time to complete public review and comment about the contract and negotiation and approval of the contract, the Department may provide up to six semi-monthly payments of state-controlled funds to the authority. If the governing body of the city or county does not approve the proposed performance contract by September 30 of each year, the performance contract shall be deemed approved.

C. The performance contract shall (i) delineate the responsibilities of the Department and the behavioral health authority; (ii) specify conditions that must be met for the receipt of state-controlled funds; (iii) identify the groups of individuals to be served with state-controlled funds; (iv) contain specific outcome measures for individuals receiving services, provider performance measures, satisfaction measures for individuals receiving services, and participation and involvement measures for individuals receiving services and their family members; (v) contain mechanisms that have been identified or developed jointly by the Department and the behavioral health authority and that will be employed collaboratively by the behavioral health authority and the state hospital to manage the utilization of state hospital beds; (vi) establish an enforcement mechanism, should the behavioral health authority fail to be in substantial compliance with its performance contract, including notice and appeal processes and provisions for remediation, withholding or reducing funds, methods of repayment of funds, and the Department's exercise of the provisions of subsection E; and (vii) include reporting requirements and information about revenues, costs, services, and individuals receiving services displayed in a consistent, comparable format determined by the Department.

The Department may provide for performance monitoring to determine whether behavioral health authorities are in substantial compliance with their performance contracts.

D. No behavioral health authority shall be eligible to receive state-controlled funds for mental health, developmental, or substance abuse services after September 30 of each year unless (i) its performance contract has been approved by the governing body of the city or county that established it and by the Department; (ii) it provides service, cost, and revenue data and information, and aggregate and individual data and information about individuals receiving services, notwithstanding § 37.2-400 or any regulations adopted thereunder, to the Department in the format prescribed by the Department; and (iii), it uses standardized cost accounting and financial management practices approved by the Department.

E. If, after unsuccessful use of a remediation process described in the performance contract, a behavioral health authority remains in substantial noncompliance with its performance contract with the Department, the Department may, after affording the authority an adequate opportunity to use the appeal process described in the performance contract, terminate all or a portion of the contract. Using the state-controlled resources associated with that contract, the Department, after consulting with the governing body of the city or county that established the behavioral health authority, may negotiate a performance contract with a community services board, another behavioral health authority, or a private nonprofit or for-profit organization or organizations to obtain services that were the subject of the terminated performance contract.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.