Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 46.2. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 3. Licensure of Drivers

§ 46.2-341.26:2. Implied consent to post-arrest chemical test to determine alcohol or drug content of blood of commercial driver.

A. Any person, whether licensed by Virginia or not, who operates a commercial motor vehicle upon a highway as defined in § 46.2-100 in the Commonwealth shall be deemed thereby, as a condition of such operation, to have consented to have samples of his blood, breath, or both blood and breath taken for a chemical test to determine the alcohol, drug or both alcohol and drug content of his blood, if he is arrested for violation of § 46.2-341.24 or 46.2-341.31 within three hours of the alleged offense.

B. Such person shall be required to have a breath sample taken and shall be entitled, upon request, to observe the process of analysis and to see the blood-alcohol reading on the equipment used to perform the breath test. If the equipment automatically produces a written printout of the breath test result, the printout or a copy shall be given to the suspect. If a breath test is not available, then a blood test shall be required.

C. The person may be required to submit to blood tests to determine the drug content of his blood if he has been arrested pursuant to provision (iii), (iv), or (v) of subsection A of § 46.2-341.24, or if he has taken the breath test required pursuant to subsection B and the law-enforcement officer has reasonable cause to believe the person was driving under the influence of any drug or combination of drugs, or the combined influence of alcohol and drugs.

D. If the certificate of analysis referred to in § 46.2-341.26:9 indicates the presence of alcohol in the suspect's blood, the suspect shall be taken before a magistrate to determine whether the magistrate should issue an out-of-service order prohibiting the suspect from driving any commercial motor vehicle for a 24-hour period. If the magistrate finds that there is probable cause to believe that the suspect was driving a commercial motor vehicle with any measurable amount of alcohol in his blood, the magistrate shall issue an out-of-service order prohibiting the suspect from driving any commercial motor vehicle for a period of 24 hours. The magistrate shall forward a copy of the out-of-service order to the Department within seven days after issuing the order. The order shall be in addition to any other action or sanction permitted or required by law to be taken against or imposed upon the suspect.

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