Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 6.2. Financial Institutions and Services
Chapter 8. Banks

§ 6.2-814. Powers of banks.

A. Every bank shall have power to exercise, by its board of directors or duly authorized officers or agents, subject to law, all incidental powers that are necessary to carry on the business of banking, by:

1. Discounting and negotiating bills of exchange, promissory notes, drafts, and other evidences of debt;

2. Receiving deposits;

3. Buying and selling exchange, coin, and bullion;

4. Loaning money on real property, personal property, security, or collateral;

5. Guaranteeing the payment of bonds, bills, notes and other obligations that have six months or fewer until maturity;

6. Rediscounting paper;

7. Purchasing and selling bonds;

8. Acting as agent in the sale of insurance and annuities;

9. Dealing in or making a market in securities;

10. Providing financial, investment, or economic advisory services;

11. Providing other products and services deemed by the Commission to be financial in nature;

12. Engaging directly in those activities in which a controlled subsidiary corporation of a bank is authorized to engage pursuant to §§ 6.2-885 and 6.2-888 in accordance with the requirements of such sections, provided that a bank, or a controlled subsidiary corporation of a bank, that transacts business as a real estate brokerage firm shall be subject to the provisions of § 6.2-888;

13. Establishing an international banking facility, either as a division of the bank or as a separate corporate entity under § 6.2-885; and

14. Utilizing armored vehicles or other vehicles to provide adequate protection for the funds transported for receipt of deposits of its customers or to deliver currency and coin.

B. In addition to the permissible business authorized by subsection A, the Commission may, upon the Commission's finding that an emergency exists, confer by order upon banks such temporary powers as the Commission may determine to be in the public interest. Such powers as are conferred may be (i) authorized for a limited period of time, (ii) granted selectively to fewer than all banks, and (iii) revoked by further order of the Commission.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.