Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
Procedure Before the Commission and Appeals
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§ 12.1-25
Rules of practice and procedure
§ 12.1-26
Public sessions
§ 12.1-27
Commonwealth to be complainant, etc.; parties entitled to process
§ 12.1-28
Notice and hearing
§ 12.1-29
Writs and process
§ 12.1-30
Rules of evidence to be as in courts of record
§ 12.1-30.1
Meetings and communications between commissioners and parties or staff
§ 12.1-31
Hearing examiners; powers and duties; reports to be furnished to parties; responses by parties
§ 12.1-32
Costs, fees, and expenses
§ 12.1-33
Fine for disobedience of Commission orders
§ 12.1-34
Punishment for contempt
§ 12.1-35
Judgments to be in favor of Commonwealth
§ 12.1-36
Time judgment takes effect; interest
§ 12.1-37
Lien of judgment; docketing
§ 12.1-38
Concurrent jurisdiction of Commission and courts
§ 12.1-39
Appeals generally
§ 12.1-40
Method of taking and prosecuting appeals
§ 12.1-41
Petitions for writs of supersedeas
§ 12.1-42
§ 12.1-43
Tax assessments, registration fee assessments, report forms, and correspondence mailed by Commission deemed delivered