Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 13.1. Corporations
Chapter 9. Virginia Stock Corporation Act

§ 13.1-728.4. Control share acquisition statement.

Any acquiring person may, after any control share acquisition or before any proposed one, deliver a control share acquisition statement to the public corporation at its principal office. The control share acquisition statement shall set forth all of the following:

1. The identity of the acquiring person and each other member of any group of which the person is a part for purposes of determining the shares owned or to be owned, beneficially, by the acquiring person.

2. A statement that the control share acquisition statement is given pursuant to this article.

3. The number of shares of the issuing public corporation beneficially owned by the acquiring person and each other member of the group.

4. The range of voting power under which the control share acquisition falls or would, if consummated, fall.

5. A description in reasonable detail of the terms of the control share acquisition or the proposed control share acquisition, including but not limited to:

a. The source of funds or other consideration and the material terms of the financial arrangements for the control share acquisition;

b. Any plans or proposals of the acquiring person to liquidate the public corporation, to sell all or substantially all of its or its subsidiaries' assets, to merge it or exchange its shares or the interests in its subsidiaries with any other person, to change the location of its principal executive office or a material portion of its business activities, to change materially its management or policies of employment, to alter materially its relations with suppliers or customers or the communities in which it operates, or to make any other material change in its business, corporate structure, management or personnel;

c. Any plans or proposals of the acquiring person to acquire additional shares (including additional shares within the range set forth in the statement) or to dispose of any shares; and

d. Such other information which could reasonably be expected to affect materially the decision of a shareholder with respect to granting voting rights to shares acquired or proposed to be acquired in the control share acquisition.

6. If the control share acquisition has not taken place, representations of the acquiring person, together with a statement in reasonable detail of the facts upon which they are based, that the control share acquisition, if consummated, will not be contrary to law, and that the acquiring person has the financial capacity to make the proposed control share acquisition. For this purpose, financial capacity shall only be deemed to include (i) cash and cash equivalents in excess of normal working capital requirements and (ii) funds to be provided under legally binding commitments from financial institutions having the capability to advance such funds. If the funds to be provided under such commitments are included in the demonstration of financial capacity, the control share acquisition statement shall be accompanied by complete copies of all such commitments and a written description of all oral understandings concerning the terms and conditions of such commitments.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.