Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Sanitation Districts Law of 1938 -- Tidal Waters
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  • Article 2.
    Creation of Districts
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  • § 21-145
    Territory which may be embraced in district
    § 21-146
    Notice of hearing on petition for creation
    § 21-147
    Contents of petition
    § 21-148
    Signatures on petition
    § 21-149
    Hearing and determination; ordering election
    § 21-150
    Order when election favors establishment
    § 21-151
    Exclusion from district of county, city or town voting against establishment
    § 21-152
    Approval of State Health Commissioner
    § 21-153
    Governing bodies may adopt resolutions
  • Article 6.
    Withdrawals from District
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  • § 21-203
    Notice of intention to withdraw
    § 21-204
    Right to withdraw and set up separate district
    § 21-205
    Proof that steps for withdrawal have been taken
    § 21-206
    Power of county or city electing to set up separate district
    § 21-207
    Withdrawal must be within one year
    § 21-208
    Additional rights conferred on city or county withdrawing
    § 21-209
    No election on issuance of bonds within six months
    § 21-210
    Disposal system to be erected by separate district
    § 21-211
    City withdrawing to provide for disposal of sewage of county or town
    § 21-212
    Effect of nonappointment of members of commission on withdrawal
    § 21-213
    Member of commission becoming nonresident because of removal or withdrawal
  • Article 7.
    Powers and Duties of Counties, Cities and Towns
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  • § 21-214
    Plans, maps, etc., to be available to commission
    § 21-215
    Payments by county, city or town
    § 21-216
    Contracts with counties, cities and towns outside of district
    § 21-217
    Powers conferred on counties, cities and towns in addition to other powers
  • Article 8.
    Prohibitions and Penalties
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  • § 21-218
    Discharge into tidal waters of matter causing pollution
    § 21-219
    Discharge of matter injurious to system
    § 21-220
    Remedies to prevent violation
    § 21-221
    § 21-222
    Discharge of sewage from vessel while afloat, etc.
    § 21-223
    Punishment of violations