Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 21. Drainage, Soil Conservation, Sanitation and Public Facilities Districts
Chapter 4. Sanitation Districts Law of 1946 -- Nontidal Waters

§ 21-264. Effect of failure to pay.

In the event that the fees, rents or charges charged by the commission for the use and services of the sewage disposal system by or in connection with any real estate shall not be paid as and when due, then and at that time interest shall begin to accrue thereon at the rate of one per centum per month and the owner, lessee or tenant, as the case may be of such real estate shall, until such fees, rents and charges shall be paid with such interest to the date of payment, cease to dispose of sewage or industrial waste originating from or on such real estate by discharge thereof directly or indirectly into the sewage disposal system, and if such owner, lessee or tenant shall not cease such disposal within two months thereafter it shall be the duty of each county, city, town and other public corporation, board or body supplying water to or selling water for use on, such real estate, within five days after receipt of notice of such facts from the commission, to cease supplying water to, and selling water for use on, such real estate. If such county, city, town or other public corporation, board or body shall not within such time cease supplying water to, and selling water for use on, such real estate, the commission may shut off the supply of water to such real estate and for such purpose, may enter on any lands, waters and premises of such county, city, town or other public corporation, board or body, or of any person. The water supply to or for any person, or for use on real estate of any person, shall not be shut off or stopped under the provisions of this section, if the State Health Commissioner, upon application of the local board of health or health officer of the county, city or town wherein such water is supplied or such real estate is located, shall have found and shall certify to the authorities charged with the responsibility of ceasing to supply or sell such water, or to shut off the supply of such water, that ceasing to supply or shutting off such water supply will endanger the health of such person and the health of others in such county, city or town.

1946, p. 354; Michie Suppl. 1946, § 1560iii7.

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