Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 21. Drainage, Soil Conservation, Sanitation and Public Facilities Districts
Chapter 4. Sanitation Districts Law of 1946 -- Nontidal Waters

§ 21-270. Election prior to issuance.

No bonds shall be issued by a commission, except to fund or refund bonds theretofore issued and thus to redeem a previous liability, unless the qualified voters of the district shall approve by a majority vote of the qualified voters voting in an election the issuance of the bonds. Whenever the commission shall determine by resolution that it is advisable to issue bonds for the purposes of the commission, such resolution shall be certified to the circuit court of a county or corporation court of a city in whole or in part embraced within the district and the court shall thereupon make an order requiring the opening of a poll and the taking of the sense of the qualified voters of the district in accordance with § 21-226 on the question of issuing the bonds in not exceeding the amount stated in such resolution. The question so submitted shall be "Do you favor the issuance of not exceeding $_____ bonds of the _______________ sanitation district commission (inserting the amount of bonds stated in such resolution and the name of the commission)?" If upon the certification of the result of the election made by the Secretary of the Commonwealth to the court, it shall appear that a majority of the qualified voters of the district voting at the election shall have voted "yes" and in favor of the issuance of the bonds, the court shall make and enter of record an order stating such result and thereupon the commission shall have power in accordance with this article to issue bonds in not exceeding the amount stated in such resolution and, in anticipation of the issuance of such bonds, to borrow money on temporary loan and issue temporary bonds therefor.

1946, p. 356; Michie Suppl. 1946, § 1560iii8.

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