Code of Virginia

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Chapter 10.
Literary Fund
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§ 22.1-142
How Fund constituted; management
§ 22.1-143
Money belonging to Fund received in treasury; accountant
§ 22.1-144
Recovery of moneys due Fund
§ 22.1-145
Investment of Fund
§ 22.1-146
Power of Board to make loans from fund for erection, etc., of school buildings and fueling facilities for school buses
§ 22.1-146.1
School modernization loan interest rate subsidy payments
§ 22.1-147
Application for and distribution of funds
§ 22.1-148
Restrictions upon making loans; retirement of previous loans; waiting lists
§ 22.1-149
Additional funds for loans
§ 22.1-150
Rate of interest
§ 22.1-151
Evidence of loan
§ 22.1-152
Payment of principal and interest
§ 22.1-153
School boards authorized to borrow from Fund; form of application
§ 22.1-154
§ 22.1-158
Provisions for payment
§ 22.1-159
Loans for construction of school facilities to serve portions of counties; levy of taxes for purpose of repaying such loans
§ 22.1-160
School boards authorized to anticipate payment of loans
§ 22.1-161
Loan declared indebtedness of the county, city or town; lien on locality's funds created