Code of Virginia

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Chapter 11.
Virginia Public School Authority
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§ 22.1-162
§ 22.1-163
Authority created; public body corporate and agency of Commonwealth
§ 22.1-164
Board of Commissioners; membership; terms; compensation and expenses; chairman and vice-chairman; quorum; employees, agents, etc.
§ 22.1-165
Management and administration of moneys, etc., transferred from Literary Fund
§ 22.1-166
Purchase and sale of local school bonds
§ 22.1-166.1
Loans to local school boards
§ 22.1-166.2
Grants to local school boards
§ 22.1-167
Issuance of bonds of Authority
§ 22.1-167.1
Refunding issues; pass-through of savings realized
§ 22.1-167.2
Security for payment; appropriations
§ 22.1-167.3
Bonds or notes issued for the purpose of making grants; security for payment; appropriations
§ 22.1-168
Security for payment and bonds; provisions of trust indenture or resolution of Board
§ 22.1-168.1
Reserve fund; limitations
§ 22.1-169
Investment of funds
§ 22.1-170
Repayments to Literary Fund
§ 22.1-171
Powers of Authority enumerated
§ 22.1-172
Bonds exempt from taxation
§ 22.1-173
Bonds legal investments
§ 22.1-174
Jurisdiction of suits against Authority; service of process
§ 22.1-175
Transfers from Literary Fund to Authority