Code of Virginia

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Chapter 12.
Pupil Transportation
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 22.1-176
    Transportation of pupils authorized; when fee may be charged; contributions; regulations of Board of Education
    § 22.1-176.1
    Agreements to provide transportation for nonpublic school pupils
    § 22.1-176.2
    Certain students; waiver to access student transportation in certain cases
    § 22.1-177
    § 22.1-178
    Requirements for persons employed to drive school buses
    § 22.1-179
    § 22.1-180
    Requirements for persons employed to transport pupils attending religious or private schools
    § 22.1-181
    Training program for school bus operators
    § 22.1-182
    Use of school buses for public and commercial purposes
    § 22.1-183
    When warning lights and identification to be covered
    § 22.1-184
    School bus emergency drills
    § 22.1-185
    Shelters on bus routes
    § 22.1-186
    Payments for transportation of pupils
    § 22.1-187
    Exemption from payment of tolls by certain students, etc.
  • Article 2.
    Insurance Provisions
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  • § 22.1-188
    § 22.1-189
    Compliance with article prerequisite to receiving state school funds
    § 22.1-190
    When insurance required and amount thereof
    § 22.1-191
    When Superintendent of Public Instruction to obtain insurance
    § 22.1-192
    Injury and damage covered by policy
    § 22.1-193
    Sufficiency of proof in action on policy; guest doctrine not applicable
    § 22.1-194
    Liability of locality or school board owning or operating vehicle
    § 22.1-195
    Recovery where vehicle operated under contract
    § 22.1-196
    Lapsed insurance
    § 22.1-197
    Distribution of funds when Superintendent effects insurance
    § 22.1-198
    Applicability of article not dependent upon approval of vehicles or allocability of state aid