Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 23.1. Institutions of Higher Education; Other Educational and Cultural Institutions
Chapter 24. Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Authority

§ 23.1-2418. Power to issue bonds.

A. The Authority may issue bonds for any of its purposes, including (i) financing or refinancing all or any part of its programs or general operations; (ii) costs of any project, including the hospital facilities, whether or not owned by the Authority; or (iii) to refund bonds or other obligations issued by or on behalf of the Authority, the University, or otherwise, including bonds or obligations not then subject to redemption. The Authority may guarantee, assume, or otherwise agree to pay, in whole or in part, indebtedness issued by the University or any other party resulting in the acquisition or construction of facilities for the benefit of the Authority or the refinancing of such indebtedness.

B. Notwithstanding Article 1 (§ 2.2-1800 et seq.) of Chapter 18 of Title 2.2, bonds may be issued under the provisions of this chapter without (i) obtaining the consent of any commission, board, bureau, political subdivision, or agency of the Commonwealth or (ii) any proceedings, conditions, or things other than those proceedings, conditions, or things that are specifically required by this chapter; however, each debt offering shall be submitted to the State Treasurer sufficiently prior to the sale of such offering to allow the State Treasurer to undertake a review for the sole purposes of determining (a) whether the offering may constitute tax-supported debt of the Commonwealth and (b) the potential impact of the offering on the debt capacity of the Commonwealth. After such review, the State Treasurer shall determine if the offering constitutes tax-supported debt of the Commonwealth and the potential impact of the offering on the debt capacity of the Commonwealth. If the State Treasurer determines that the debt offering may constitute tax-supported debt of the Commonwealth or may have an adverse impact on the debt capacity of the Commonwealth, then the debt offering shall be submitted to the Treasury Board for review and approval of the terms and structure of the offering in a manner consistent with § 2.2-2416.

C. The Authority may issue bonds payable as to principal and interest from any of the following sources: (i) its revenues generally; (ii) income and revenues derived from the operation, sale, or lease of a particular project or projects, whether or not they are financed or refinanced from the proceeds of such bonds; (iii) funds realized from the enforcement of security interests or other liens or obligations securing such bonds; (iv) proceeds from the sale of bonds; (v) payments under letters of credit, policies of municipal bond insurance, guarantees, or other credit enhancements; (vi) any reserve or sinking funds created to secure such payment; (vii) accounts receivable of the Authority; or (viii) other available funds of the Authority.

D. Any bonds may be guaranteed by or secured by a pledge of any grant, contribution, or appropriation from a participating political subdivision, the University, the Commonwealth or any political subdivision, agency, or instrumentality of the Commonwealth or from any federal agency or any unit, private corporation, partnership, association, or individual.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.