Code of Virginia

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Chapter 10.
Endangered Plant and Insect Species
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§ 3.2-1000
§ 3.2-1001
Powers and duties of Commissioner
§ 3.2-1002
Listing of threatened and endangered species; powers of Board; further powers of Commissioner
§ 3.2-1003
Threatened and endangered species; prohibitions
§ 3.2-1004
When Commissioner may permit taking of threatened or endangered species
§ 3.2-1005
Harvesting of threatened species; further powers of Board and Commissioner
§ 3.2-1006
License required to buy threatened species; records of purchases
§ 3.2-1007
Wild ginseng declared threatened plant species
§ 3.2-1008
Export certificate required for export of ginseng
§ 3.2-1009
Virginia birch declared endangered species
§ 3.2-1010
Enforcement of chapter; summons
§ 3.2-1011