Code of Virginia

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Chapter 17.
Horse Industry Board
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  • Article 1.
    Horse Industry Board
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  • § 3.2-1700
    Horse Industry Board; composition and appointment of members; quorum
    § 3.2-1701
    Horse Industry Board membership terms
    § 3.2-1702
    § 3.2-1703
    Powers and duties of Horse Industry Board
    § 3.2-1704
    Virginia Horse Industry Promotion and Development Fund established
    § 3.2-1705
    Management of referenda; Commissioner's duties; notice
    § 3.2-1706
    Commissioner to maintain referenda results
  • Article 3.
    Equine Feed Assessment
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  • § 3.2-1712
    § 3.2-1713
    Petition for referendum on question of assessment; action of Board and Commissioner; amount of assessment
    § 3.2-1714
    Persons eligible to vote
    § 3.2-1715
    Question to be printed on ballots
    § 3.2-1716
    Action of Governor if a simple majority of voters favors assessment
    § 3.2-1717
    Action of Governor if referendum found out of order or less than a simple majority of voters favors assessment
    § 3.2-1718
    § 3.2-1719
    Collection and disposition of assessment by manufacturer; report
    § 3.2-1720
    Records to be kept by manufacturer
    § 3.2-1721
    Collection of delinquent assessments; civil action
    § 3.2-1722
    Falsification of records; misdemeanor