Code of Virginia

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Chapter 24.
Tobacco Board
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§ 3.2-2400
§ 3.2-2401
Tobacco Board; composition and appointment of members
§ 3.2-2402
Production areas designated
§ 3.2-2403
§ 3.2-2405
Powers and duties of the Tobacco Board
§ 3.2-2406
Collection of assessment
§ 3.2-2407
Bright Flue-Cured Tobacco Promotion Fund established
§ 3.2-2407.1
Dark-Fired Tobacco Promotion Fund established
§ 3.2-2408
Collection and disposition of tax; reports
§ 3.2-2409
Records to be kept by warehouse and handler
§ 3.2-2410
Collection of unpaid assessment and interest thereon
§ 3.2-2411
Violation a misdemeanor