Code of Virginia

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Chapter 44.
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§ 3.2-4400
§ 3.2-4401
Powers and duties of the Board
§ 3.2-4402
State Apiarist
§ 3.2-4403
Duties of beekeepers
§ 3.2-4404
Duty to notify the State Apiarist of diseased bees
§ 3.2-4405
Entry permit required to bring bees and used bee equipment into Commonwealth; inspection
§ 3.2-4406
Certificate of health to accompany bees in combless packages brought into Commonwealth
§ 3.2-4407
Certificate of health to accompany bill of sale
§ 3.2-4408
Rearing package bees and queens for sale
§ 3.2-4409
Right of entry for inspection and enforcement
§ 3.2-4410
Measures to eradicate and control bee diseases; appeal
§ 3.2-4411
Abandoned apiaries
§ 3.2-4411.1
Apiaries; limitation on liability
§ 3.2-4412
§ 3.2-4413
Costs of administering chapter
§ 3.2-4414
Violation of chapter
§ 3.2-4415
Beehive Grant Fund
§ 3.2-4416
Beehive distribution program