Code of Virginia

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Chapter 54.
Slaughterhouses, Meat, and Dressed Poultry
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  • Article 2.
    Inspection, Slaughter, and Official Marks
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  • § 3.2-5406
    Meat inspection regulations
    § 3.2-5407
    Prohibitions in general
    § 3.2-5408
    Prohibitions against unauthorized use of any official marks
    § 3.2-5409
    Prohibition against intrastate distribution of equine, livestock and poultry products
  • Article 3.
    Enforcement and Penalties
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  • § 3.2-5410
    Prohibitions of bribery or gifts to state employees; assaults or interference with such employees
    § 3.2-5411
    Limitation of inspection to plants preparing products for human food
    § 3.2-5412
    Inspection of products placed in container; right of access to plants at any time
    § 3.2-5413
    Administrative detention of violative animals and products
    § 3.2-5414
    Seizure and condemnation provisions
    § 3.2-5415
    General criminal penalties; warning letter
    § 3.2-5416
    Authority of Commissioner
    § 3.2-5417
    Power of injunction
    § 3.2-5418
    Limitation on applicability of chapter to matters regulated under federal acts