Code of Virginia

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Chapter 56.
Weights and Measures
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§ 3.2-5600
Definitions generally
§ 3.2-5601
Powers and duties of Commissioner
§ 3.2-5602
Commissioner to test accuracy of point-of-sale systems
§ 3.2-5603
Two systems of weights and measures recognized; definitions and tables of National Institute of Standards and Technology to govern
§ 3.2-5604
State standards of weight and measure
§ 3.2-5605
Office standards and field standards
§ 3.2-5606
Advice and recommendations of National Institute of Standards and Technology; publications of Institute
§ 3.2-5607
The Board may adopt regulations
§ 3.2-5608
Testing and inspection of standards procured by cities and counties
§ 3.2-5609
Testing and inspection of weights and measures offered for sale or commercially used
§ 3.2-5610
Investigations by Commissioner
§ 3.2-5611
Commissioner to weigh or measure packages and commodities; packages and commodities ordered off sale
§ 3.2-5612
Stop-sale, stop-use and stop-removal orders; seizure and impounding of commodities, weights or measures; violation a misdemeanor; judicial review
§ 3.2-5613
Sealing or marking of weights and measures; condemnation of incorrect weights and measures
§ 3.2-5614
Police powers of Commissioner
§ 3.2-5615
Appointment, terms and compensation of local sealers of weights and measures; discontinuance of local program
§ 3.2-5616
Fees of sealers
§ 3.2-5617
Powers and duties of sealers and deputies
§ 3.2-5618
Standards, equipment, and office space for sealers
§ 3.2-5619
Commissioner to have concurrent authority with sealers; ordinances in conflict with chapter
§ 3.2-5620
Specifications and tolerances for weighing and measuring devices
§ 3.2-5621
Rejected weights and measures
§ 3.2-5622
How certain commodities to be sold
§ 3.2-5623
Information to be shown on packages
§ 3.2-5624
Certain packages to show price per single unit of weight, measure, or count
§ 3.2-5625
Misleading containers prohibited; contents of container not to fall below standard
§ 3.2-5626
Advertisement of commodities in package form
§ 3.2-5627
Pricing of retail merchandise
§ 3.2-5628
Weights and Measures Fund established; purpose
§ 3.2-5629
Fees and other moneys received
§ 3.2-5630
Violations of pricing requirements
§ 3.2-5631
Representations as to price; signs advertising price of petroleum products
§ 3.2-5632
Failure to pay advertised cash discount
§ 3.2-5633
Commissioner to receive enforcement authority for the Stage II Vapor Recovery Programs
§ 3.2-5634
Meat, poultry, and seafood
§ 3.2-5635
Bulk sale and delivery of commodities
§ 3.2-5636
Scale house in establishment where livestock is bought from producers
§ 3.2-5637
Type registering weighbeams or automatic weight recorders required
§ 3.2-5638
Weight of livestock to be determined on date of sale
§ 3.2-5639
Announcement of day and hour of livestock sale
§ 3.2-5640
Certain merchants to provide scales for use of customers
§ 3.2-5641
Use of word "cord" in connection with purchase or sale of wood, bark, or other forest product
§ 3.2-5642
Determining number of board feet in tree or log
§ 3.2-5643
Obstructing Commissioner or sealers; penalty
§ 3.2-5644
Impersonating Commissioner or sealer
§ 3.2-5645
Certain acts declared misdemeanors
§ 3.2-5646
Civil penalties; suit to enjoin violation; compromise
§ 3.2-5647
Warning instead of report of violation
§ 3.2-5648
Presumptive proof of use of weight, measure or weighing or measuring device