Code of Virginia

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Chapter 58.
Public Weighmasters
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§ 3.2-5800
§ 3.2-5801
Commissioner to adopt regulations
§ 3.2-5802
Qualifications of licensed public weighmasters
§ 3.2-5803
Application for license
§ 3.2-5804
Determining qualifications of applicant; granting of license; record of applications and licenses
§ 3.2-5805
Licenses and renewal fees
§ 3.2-5806
Issuance of limited licenses to certain public officers and employees
§ 3.2-5807
Expiration of licenses; applications for renewal
§ 3.2-5808
Oath and seal of licensed public weighmaster; Commonwealth not obligated to pay compensation
§ 3.2-5809
Form of weight certificate and information to be stated thereon; weight certificate as evidence
§ 3.2-5810
Entries on weight certificate
§ 3.2-5811
Only suitable, tested and approved weighing devices to be used
§ 3.2-5812
Capacity of scales not to be exceeded; determining gross or tare weight of vehicle or combination of vehicles
§ 3.2-5813
Copies of weight certificates to be retained and kept open for inspection
§ 3.2-5814
Weight certificates issued by weighmasters in other states
§ 3.2-5815
Certain persons permitted but not required to obtain licenses
§ 3.2-5816
Certain acts forbidden to persons not licensed as public weighmasters
§ 3.2-5817
Suspension or revocation of license
§ 3.2-5818
Requesting false weighing or false weight certificate; issuance of weight certificate by unlicensed person
§ 3.2-5819
Falsification or presealing of weight certificate by licensed weighmaster; delegation of authority to unlicensed person
§ 3.2-5820
Penalty for violation of chapter