Code of Virginia

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Chapter 60.
Livestock and Poultry
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  • Article 1.
    Contagious and Infectious Diseases
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  • § 3.2-6000
    Right of entry
    § 3.2-6001
    Protection of livestock and poultry
    § 3.2-6002
    Contagious and infectious diseases; prevention and eradication; presence of biological residues
    § 3.2-6003
    Duty of State Veterinarian when animals are suspected of having a contagious or infectious disease
    § 3.2-6004
    Regulation for the separation and caring for diseased animals
    § 3.2-6005
    Notice of quarantine
    § 3.2-6006
    Quarantine of individuals
    § 3.2-6007
    Domestic animals not permitted to enter or leave quarantine
    § 3.2-6008
    Disposition of quarantined animals with potential to impact livestock or poultry
    § 3.2-6009
    Euthanasia or slaughter of livestock or poultry by owner
    § 3.2-6010
    Proclamation prohibiting animal importation; required tests
    § 3.2-6011
    Bringing animals infected with disease into the Commonwealth, or in violation of order or regulation; disinfecting transport vehicles
    § 3.2-6012
    Duty of operators of stockyards and poultry slaughter facilities
    § 3.2-6013
    Duty of officers to execute orders of the Commissioner, Board, or State Veterinarian
    § 3.2-6014
    Circuit court judges may enforce orders of Commissioner, Board, or State Veterinarian
    § 3.2-6015
    Cooperation with U.S. Department of Agriculture to prevent contagious or infectious diseases
    § 3.2-6016
    Altering disease control identification of livestock or poultry
    § 3.2-6017
    Unlawful to possess anthrax or non-inactivated classical swine fever virus without permission; report; testing of biologicals for use in livestock or poultry; rules for biologicals
    § 3.2-6018
    § 3.2-6019
    Liability for damages
    § 3.2-6020
    Appraisement of condemned cattle
    § 3.2-6021
    Additional compensation to owners of euthanized or slaughtered animals; liability of purchaser of condemned animal
    § 3.2-6022
    Indemnity to owner for the euthanasia or slaughter of swine
    § 3.2-6023
    Prevention and control measures; penalty