Code of Virginia

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Chapter 10.
Department of Medical Assistance Services
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 32.1-323
    Department of Medical Assistance Services
    § 32.1-323.1
    Department to submit forecast of expenditures
    § 32.1-323.2
    Elimination of waiting lists for certain waivers
    § 32.1-323.3
    Dependents of foreign service members; waiting lists for certain waivers
    § 32.1-323.4
    Department to facilitate transition of persons between certain waiver programs
    § 32.1-324
    Board of Medical Assistance Services
    § 32.1-324.1
    Authority to administer oaths, conduct hearings; obtaining relevant documents and other information
    § 32.1-324.2
    Director to facilitate communication
    § 32.1-324.3
    Uninsured Medical Catastrophe Fund established
    § 32.1-325
    Board to submit plan for medical assistance services to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services pursuant to federal law; administration of plan; contracts with health care providers
    § 32.1-325.001
    § 32.1-325.01
    Certain term life insurance considered resources
    § 32.1-325.02
    Determinations of assets; disclaimers of interests to be considered uncompensated transfers of assets for Medicaid eligibility purposes under certain circumstances
    § 32.1-325.03
    Legal presence required for certain state and local public benefits; exceptions; definitions; proof of legal presence
    § 32.1-325.04
    Eligibility for medical assistance; individuals confined in state correctional facilities
    § 32.1-325.1
    Adverse initial determination of overpayment; appeals of agency determinations
    § 32.1-325.1:1
    Definitions; recovery of overpayment for medical assistance services
    § 32.1-325.2
    Department is payor of last resort
    § 32.1-325.3
    Disclosure or use of information for purpose not connected with medical assistance program; Department not subject to certain disclosure
    § 32.1-325.4
    Penalty for violation
    § 32.1-326
    Director may make payments to or for eligible persons in state-owned medical facilities
    § 32.1-326.1
    Department to operate program of estate recovery
    § 32.1-326.2
    Pilot school/community health centers
    § 32.1-326.3
    Special education health services; memorandum of agreement between the Department of Education and the Department of Medical Assistance Services
    § 32.1-327
    Claim against indigent's estate for payments made
    § 32.1-328
    § 32.1-329
    § 32.1-330
    Long-term services and supports screening required
    § 32.1-330.01
    Reports related to long-term services and supports
    § 32.1-330.1
    Department to implement premium assistance program for HIV-positive individuals
    § 32.1-330.2
    Medicaid managed care programs; program information documents; plain language required
    § 32.1-330.3
    Operation of a PACE plan; oversight by Department of Medical Assistance Services
    § 32.1-330.4
    Uniform assessment instrument for PACE plans
    § 32.1-330.5
    Reports related to eligibility renewal
    § 32.1-331
    § 32.1-331.01
    Health Care Coverage Assessment Fund
    § 32.1-331.02
    Health Care Provider Payment Rate Assessment Fund
    § 32.1-331.03
    Process for payment directly to nursing facility or ICF/MR
    § 32.1-331.04
    Personal care aides; orientation program
    § 32.1-331.05
    Coordinated specialty care; work group
  • Article 3.
    Virginia Medicaid Drug Formulary and Competitive Procurement of Drug Products
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  • § 32.1-331.6