Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
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  • Article 1.
    The Department and the Commissioner
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  • § 37.2-300
    Creation and supervision of Department
    § 37.2-301
    Appointment of Commissioner
    § 37.2-302
    Term of office and vacancy therein
    § 37.2-303
    Qualifications of Commissioner
    § 37.2-304
    Duties of Commissioner
    § 37.2-305
    Receiving gifts and endowments
    § 37.2-306
    Research into causes of mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, and related subjects
    § 37.2-307
    Employment of special counsel to defend Board member, officer, or employee of Department in criminal cases
    § 37.2-308
    Data reporting on children and adolescents
    § 37.2-308.01
    Commitment hearings for involuntary admissions; data sharing
    § 37.2-308.1
    Acute psychiatric bed registry
    § 37.2-309
    Department responsible for substance abuse services; office established; qualifications of staff
    § 37.2-310
    Powers and duties of Department related to substance abuse
    § 37.2-311
    Review of applications for state or federal funds or services used in substance abuse programs
    § 37.2-311.1
    Comprehensive crisis system; Marcus alert system; powers and duties of the Department related to comprehensive mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disability crisis services
    § 37.2-311.2
    Powers and duties of crisis call center
    § 37.2-311.3
    Standards for community care teams and mobile crisis teams
    § 37.2-311.4
    Crisis Call Center Fund
    § 37.2-311.5
    Collection of 988 charges
    § 37.2-311.6
    Liability for emergency calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    § 37.2-312
    Department responsible for education and training programs
    § 37.2-312.1
    Department to be lead agency for suicide prevention across the lifespan
    § 37.2-312.2
    Commonwealth Mental Health First Aid Program
    § 37.2-313
    Employment of unlicensed physician by Department
    § 37.2-313.1
    Licensed physician required at certain training centers
    § 37.2-314
    Background check required
    § 37.2-314.1
    Developmental Disabilities Mortality Review Committee; duties; membership; confidentiality; report; penalty
    § 37.2-314.2
    Problem Gambling Treatment and Support Fund
    § 37.2-314.3
    Powers and duties of the Department related to supported decision-making agreements; report
  • Article 2.
    Comprehensive State Plan for Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
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  • § 37.2-315
  • Article 3.
    System Restructuring
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  • § 37.2-316
    System restructuring; state and community consensus and planning team required
  • Article 4.
    Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Trust Fund
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  • § 37.2-317
    § 37.2-318
    Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Trust Fund established; purpose
    § 37.2-319
    Administration of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Trust Fund