Code of Virginia

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Chapter 15.
Rehabilitation and Liquidation of Insurers
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§ 38.2-1500
Scope of chapter
§ 38.2-1501
§ 38.2-1502
Jurisdiction and procedure
§ 38.2-1503
Grounds for delinquency proceedings commenced by Commission against domestic insurer
§ 38.2-1504
Requirements when proceedings instituted by any person other than Commission
§ 38.2-1505
Commission may apply for receiver and for other relief; what orders court may enter
§ 38.2-1506
Requirements when receiver appointed; disbursement of available assets to association, etc.
§ 38.2-1507
Further procedure; injunction may be issued
§ 38.2-1508
Powers of Commission when authorized to rehabilitate or liquidate companies
§ 38.2-1509
Powers of Commission when authorized to rehabilitate or liquidate insurers by court order; disbursement of available assets to an association, etc.
§ 38.2-1510
Commission may appoint assistants in connection with rehabilitation or liquidation
§ 38.2-1511
Borrowing on pledge of assets
§ 38.2-1512
Rights and liabilities fixed upon liquidation
§ 38.2-1513
Voidable transfers
§ 38.2-1514
Priority of claims for wages
§ 38.2-1515
Mutual debts or credits, how treated
§ 38.2-1516
Receivers to file reports, etc., with Commission
§ 38.2-1517
What included in annual report of Commission
§ 38.2-1518
Rehabilitation or mutualization of companies
§ 38.2-1519
Termination of rehabilitation; when liquidation may be entered
§ 38.2-1520
Liquidation of alien insurers
§ 38.2-1521
Conservation of assets of foreign or alien insurer; when liquidation may be entered
§ 38.2-1522
Qualified financial contracts