Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 38.2. Insurance
Chapter 41. Fraternal Benefit Societies

§ 38.2-4115. Conversion of fraternal benefit society into mutual life insurer.

A. Any domestic fraternal benefit society organized or operated under this chapter may, upon a two-thirds vote of its supreme governing body, amend its articles of incorporation and laws if already incorporated, or, if not incorporated, may incorporate, in a manner to transform itself into a mutual life insurer. It may use the name by which it is already known, or another name, as its supreme governing body shall determine. However, the proposed plan for reorganization or reincorporation shall be submitted to and approved by the Commission. Upon so doing, and upon procuring from the Commission a license to do the business of insurance in this Commonwealth as a mutual life insurer, it shall incur the obligations and enjoy the benefits of a mutual life insurer as if originally incorporated as a mutual life insurer. Any such corporation under its articles and bylaws as so framed or amended shall be a continuation of the original organization, and the officers of the organization shall serve through their respective terms as provided in the original articles and laws. However, their successors shall be elected and serve as the laws of this Commonwealth and the articles of incorporation or bylaws of the reorganized company provide. The incorporation, amendment or reincorporation shall not affect existing suits, rights or contracts. The organization, after reorganization, shall have the power to do business of the same nature done by it before reorganization, as well as the powers conferred in this section and contemplated by its articles of incorporation, in order to protect and perform rights and contracts existing before reorganization, but all new business written shall be as a mutual life insurer.

B. All assets, other than general or expense fund assets, belonging to any reorganized insurer, prior to reorganization or arising or accruing from benefit certificates issued prior to the reorganization, shall be used only for the benefit of the holders of the benefit certificates or their beneficiaries.

C. If at the time of reorganization, or at any time after reorganization, it appears from the last preceding annual report of any such organization, filed with the Commission, or any investigation made by the Commission, that the present value of the contributions to be received from the holders of the benefit certificates, together with all assets, other than general or expense fund assets, owned by the insurer that have been accumulated from payments made by members holding such certificates, are not equal to the present value of the benefits promised to be paid, including all matured liabilities on any benefit certificates, then the insurer so reorganized shall establish, provide for, and maintain a fund, which with the present value of contributions and assets will equal the present value of the benefits, together with all matured liabilities. The fund shall be used for the payment of matured liabilities arising on the benefit certificates when other assets applicable thereto are exhausted. The fund need not be maintained unless required by conditions expressed in this chapter.

D. Members in good standing in any society prior to reorganization shall have the right after reorganization to transfer their insurance in the society to the mutual life plan without further medical examination for the same or lesser amount, and at legal reserve or level premium rates. The interest in the assets of the society of any person so transferring, as determined by the board of directors, trustees or corresponding body, shall be transferred to, and be a part of, the assets of the insurer on the legal reserve or level premium plan.

E. The insurer so organized, and its officials, shall exercise all the rights and powers and perform all the duties conferred or imposed by law upon organizations writing the kinds of insurance written by the insurer so organized. The organization and its officials shall exercise all the rights and powers and have full authority to perform all the duties necessary to protect rights and contracts existing prior to reorganization. The Commission shall exercise the powers and discharge the duties concerning any such insurer so reorganized that are applicable to insurers writing insurance or issuing policies of the same class, organized or operating in this Commonwealth. The Commission shall issue a certificate of authority to any solvent insurer so reorganized that has fully complied with the laws of this Commonwealth to do such insurance business in this Commonwealth.

F. Any fraternal benefit society reorganized to do mutual life insurance business as provided in this chapter shall value its benefit certificates according to the standard of valuation for fraternal benefit societies used in this Commonwealth, and its legal reserve or level premium policies according to the standard of valuation for those policies in this Commonwealth. The various classes of insurance shall be governed by the law applicable to each class of insurance.

G. The expense of operation and maintenance of a reorganized insurer shall be apportioned between those holding benefit certificates issued before the reorganization and those holding policies issued after the reorganization as may be determined by the board of directors, trustees or corresponding body.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.