Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4. Liens of Innkeepers, Livery Stable, Garage and Marina Keepers, Mechanics and BaileesRead Chapter

§ 43-31
Lien of innkeepers, etc.
§ 43-32
Lien of keeper of livery stable, marina, etc.
§ 43-33
Lien of mechanic for repairs
§ 43-34
Enforcement of liens acquired under §§ 43-31 through 43-33 and of liens of bailees
§ 43-34.1
Lien of keeper of hangar or tie-down on aircraft subject to a chattel mortgage
§ 43-35
How and when validity of lien, or claim of other person to property, is tried
§ 43-36
Appeals, how taken and tried
§ 43-37
Sale of baggage and other personal property held pursuant to § 43-31 or unclaimed
§ 43-38
Withdrawal from such sale upon payment of charges, interest and expenses
§ 43-39
Distribution of proceeds of sale
§ 43-40
Subsequent payment of surplus proceeds to persons entitled thereto