Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 46.2. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 21. Regulation of Property Carriers

§ 46.2-2157. Estimate of charges; penalties; information booklet for shippers.

A. Household goods carriers may, upon request of a shipper, cause to be given to such shipper an estimate of the charges for proposed services in the manner and form specified in this section:

1. The estimate may be made only after a visual inspection of the goods by the estimator or be based upon information furnished to the carrier by the shipper.

2. If a written estimate is furnished, across the top of each form there shall be imprinted, in bold type, the words "ESTIMATED COST OF SERVICES."

3. The name, address and phone number of the carrier providing the estimate must be shown in a legible manner on each estimate form.

4. Imprinted thereunder in regular type shall be words to the effect "IMPORTANT NOTICE: This estimate covers only the articles and services listed. It is not a guarantee that the actual charges will not exceed the amount of the estimate. However, carriers may bind the estimate and guarantee that charges may not exceed the bound estimate except for any accessorial tariff charges incurred at destination that are not known to the carrier until actual delivery of the shipment and a sight survey reveals that additional charges are necessary to effect delivery as published in the carrier's tariff. Household goods carriers are required by law to collect transportation and other incidental charges computed on the basis of rates shown in their lawfully published tariffs. Charges for additional services will be added to the transportation charges."

5. The original or a true legible copy of each estimate form prepared in accordance with this section may be delivered to the shipper and a copy thereof shall be maintained by the carrier as part of its record of shipment.

B. If the carrier provides a shipper with a written estimate, the carrier will give to the shipper an information booklet that has been approved by the Department and will obtain a receipt therefor from the shipper. Such receipt will become a part of the permanent file of the carrier.

2001, c. 596; 2006, c. 609.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.