Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Municipal and County Airports and Other Air Navigation Facilities
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  • Article 1.
    Acquisition, Establishment and Operation Generally; Outside Easements
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  • § 5.1-31
    Authority to acquire, construct, maintain and operate; permission of Department required
    § 5.1-32
    Easements and privileges outside of airport or landing field boundaries
    § 5.1-33
    Public purpose declared
    § 5.1-34
    Acquisition of property; exercise of right of eminent domain
    § 5.1-35
    Powers may be exercised jointly by two or more political subdivisions
    § 5.1-36
    Agreement for joint exercise of powers; governing board, etc., to act on behalf of political subdivisions; powers of board, etc.
    § 5.1-36.1
    Contributions by counties to construction of certain airports
    § 5.1-37
    Public waters and submerged lands
    § 5.1-38
    Right to zone property not limited
    § 5.1-39
    Use, disposal and termination of rights acquired
    § 5.1-39.1
    Use of airport property for industrial development purposes
    § 5.1-40
    Lease of land acquired; approval by Department
    § 5.1-41
    Operation by local governing body or special officer or board
    § 5.1-41.1
    Local governing bodies authorized to require boarding fee
  • Article 2.
    Funds for Acquisition, Operation, Etc.
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  • § 5.1-42
    Payment of purchase price or award for land acquired; issuance of bonds
    § 5.1-43
    Expenses of construction, operation, etc., to be paid by political subdivision
    § 5.1-44
    Rules and regulations; fees and charges
    § 5.1-45
    Appropriations by local authorities
    § 5.1-46
    Receipt and handling of federal and other funds