Code of Virginia

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Chapter 8.
Local Retirement Systems
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 51.1-800
    Counties, cities, and certain towns to establish local systems or participate in Virginia Retirement System
    § 51.1-801
    Counties, cities, and towns generally
    § 51.1-801.1
    Portability of service credit between certain political subdivisions of the Commonwealth and the Virginia Retirement System or certain other political subdivisions of the Commonwealth
    § 51.1-802
    Assets of retirement systems; exemption from taxation; execution and assignment
    § 51.1-803
    Investments of retirement systems
    § 51.1-804
    In certain cities
    § 51.1-805
    In certain counties
    § 51.1-806
    Reimbursement by Commonwealth for portion of employer contribution on account of certain officers and employees
  • Article 2.
    Members of Police Departments
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  • § 51.1-807
    Police officers' pension and retirement boards
    § 51.1-808
    Powers, authority, and duties of board
    § 51.1-809
    Treasurer of board
    § 51.1-810
    Time credited to service record
    § 51.1-811
    Eligibility for retirement; retirement allowance
    § 51.1-812
    Disability from natural causes not originating in performance of official duties
    § 51.1-813
    Disability resulting from activities in discharge of official duties
    § 51.1-814
    Employing such presumption in determining eligibility for benefits
    § 51.1-815
    Counties, cities, and towns authorized to provide relief to surviving spouse and children
    § 51.1-816
    Reduction of pension and benefits where income earned during disability retirement
    § 51.1-817
    Salary deductions payable to estate or refunded
    § 51.1-818
    Funds for payment of pensions and benefits
    § 51.1-819
    Adoption of article optional by counties, cities, and towns; appeal
    § 51.1-820
    Police officers' pensions and retirements