Code of Virginia

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Chapter 12.
Persons Who Are Blind and Vision Impaired
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  • Article 2.
    Board for the Blind and Vision Impaired
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  • § 51.5-61
    Appointment, terms and qualifications of members of Board; eligibility for reappointment; quorum
    § 51.5-62
    Powers and duties of Board; form of materials
    § 51.5-63
    Board to administer institutional fund
  • Article 3.
    Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired
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  • § 51.5-64
    Commissioner of Department; personnel
    § 51.5-65
    Functions, duties and powers of Commissioner
    § 51.5-66
    Authority to receive grants-in-aid and gifts
    § 51.5-67
    Donation of equipment
    § 51.5-68
    § 51.5-70
    Establishment of standards of personnel and service
    § 51.5-71
    State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind and Vision Impaired created
    § 51.5-72
    Establishment of rehabilitative manufacturing and service industries; expenditures
    § 51.5-72.1
    The State Advisory Board for the Virginia Industries for the Blind
    § 51.5-73
    Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired; operation and maintenance
    § 51.5-74
    Operation of library service for persons with disabilities; agreement with the Library of Virginia
    § 51.5-75
    Use of earnings of rehabilitative manufacturing and service industries; record of receipts and expenditures
    § 51.5-76
    Cooperation with other state agencies
    § 51.5-77
    Cooperation with federal agencies
  • Article 4.
    Business Enterprises for the Blind
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  • § 51.5-78
    Operation by Department
    § 51.5-79
    Operation by blind persons
    § 51.5-80
    Contract with nominee to provide equipment and merchandise
    § 51.5-81
    Contract with nominee to furnish services
    § 51.5-82
    Contracts with federal agencies for installation and supervision
    § 51.5-83
    Surveys of business enterprise opportunities
    § 51.5-84
    Licensure of blind adult residents as operators
    § 51.5-85
    Selection of location and operator of enterprise; supervision
    § 51.5-86
    Other general duties of the Department
    § 51.5-87
    Revocation of privilege to operate enterprise
    § 51.5-88
    Selection of location and type of enterprise with approval of custodian
    § 51.5-89
    Placement of blind persons in vacancies by Department; vending stands in Capitol; regulations
    § 51.5-90
    Providing blind persons with equipment and merchandise
    § 51.5-91
    Ownership of vending stands and other equipment
    § 51.5-92
    Reports by nominee
    § 51.5-93
    Requiring nominee to comply with provisions
    § 51.5-94
    Suspension of nominee; continued operation of program
    § 51.5-95
    Regulations for administration of article
    § 51.5-96
    Requiring performance of duties by officers and employees
    § 51.5-97
    Funds set aside from proceeds of business enterprises
    § 51.5-98
    Exemption from taxation; collection and remittance of sales and meals taxes
    § 51.5-99
    § 51.5-100
    Operation of vending machines at rest areas on interstate highways
  • Article 5.
    Sale of Goods Made by the Blind
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  • § 51.5-101
    Registration of manufacturers and distributors of goods made by blind persons; authorization to use official stamp, label, etc.
    § 51.5-102
    Goods not to be represented as made by blind persons unless identified as such by label, stamp, etc.; what goods may be so identified
    § 51.5-103
    How goods made by blind persons to be stamped or labeled
    § 51.5-104
    Use of words "State," "Commonwealth," or "Virginia."
    § 51.5-105
    Certain acts declared misdemeanors