Code of Virginia

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Chapter 8.
Impoundment of Surface Waters
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§ 62.1-104
§ 62.1-104.1
§ 62.1-105
Impoundment of diffused surface waters
§ 62.1-106
When floodwaters may be captured and stored by riparian owners
§ 62.1-107
Application for leave to store floodwaters; notice to interested persons and to State Water Control Board
§ 62.1-108
Time and place of hearing on petition; parties
§ 62.1-109
Board to examine petition and report to court
§ 62.1-110
Court to hear and determine issues; reference to commissioner
§ 62.1-111
When leave not granted; terms and conditions; appeals
§ 62.1-112
When leave shall expire
§ 62.1-113
Use of bed of watercourse
§ 62.1-114
Exceptions to application of chapter
§ 62.1-115
Use of waters stored