Code of Virginia

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Chapter 25. Extraordinary WritsRead Chapter

  • Article 1. Writ of Quo WarrantoRead all
  • § 8.01-635
    Common-law writ of quo warranto and information in the nature of writ of quo warranto abolished; statutory writ of quo warranto established
    § 8.01-636
    In what cases writ issued
    § 8.01-637
    By whom filed; when leave granted and writ issued
    § 8.01-638
    § 8.01-639
    How summons directed and served
    § 8.01-640
    Judgment when defendant fails to appear
    § 8.01-641
    Reopening same when made on service by publication
    § 8.01-642
    Pleading when defendant appears
    § 8.01-643
    Trial; verdict; judgment; costs; attorney's fee
  • Article 2. Mandamus and ProhibitionRead all
  • § 8.01-644
    Application for mandamus or prohibition
    § 8.01-644.1
    Limitations of actions for petition for mandamus
    § 8.01-645
    What petition to state; where presented
    § 8.01-646
    When writ awarded if no defense made
    § 8.01-647
    Defense; how made
    § 8.01-648
    What judgment to be rendered
    § 8.01-649
    Proceedings when application is to Supreme Court or Court of Appeals
    § 8.01-650
    Suspension of proceedings, where prohibition applied for
    § 8.01-651
    Suspension of proceedings by justice of Supreme Court or judge of Court of Appeals
    § 8.01-652
    Service of writ; how obedience enforced
    § 8.01-653
    Mandamus to secure construction of act directing payment out of treasury of the Commonwealth
    § 8.01-653.1
    Mandamus to secure construction of act granting power to incur certain obligations for transportation needs
  • Article 3. Habeas CorpusRead all
  • § 8.01-654
    When and where petition filed; what petition to contain
    § 8.01-654.1
    Limitation on consideration of petition filed by prisoner sentenced to death
    § 8.01-654.2
    Presentation of claim of intellectual disability by person sentenced to death before April 29, 2003
    § 8.01-655
    Form and contents of petition filed by prisoner
    § 8.01-656
    § 8.01-658
    When and from whom response required; dismissal of habeas petition without prejudice
    § 8.01-659
    § 8.01-660
    When affidavits may be read
    § 8.01-661
    Facts proved may be made part of record
    § 8.01-662
    Judgment of court or judge trying it; payment of costs and expenses when petition denied
    § 8.01-663
    Judgment conclusive
    § 8.01-664
    How and when Supreme Court summoned to try appeal therefrom
    § 8.01-665
    When execution of judgment suspended; when prisoner admitted to bail
    § 8.01-666
    When and by whom writs of habeas corpus ad testificandum granted
    § 8.01-667
    Transmission of records to federal court
    § 8.01-668
    Writ de homine abolished