Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 11. Contracts
Chapter 2. Compromise and Satisfaction

Chapter 2. Compromise and Satisfaction.

§ 11-10. Compromise by creditor with co-obligor, etc.

A creditor may compound or compromise with any joint contractor or co-obligor, and release him from all liability on his contract or obligation, without impairing the contract or obligation as to the other joint contractors or co-obligors.

Code 1919, § 5763.

§ 11-11. Crediting contract; surety.

When such compounding or compromise is made, the contract or obligation shall be credited with a full share of the party released, except where the compounding or compromise is with a surety or cosurety, and in that case, as between the creditor and principal, the credit shall be for the sum actually paid by the compounding debtor.

Code 1919, § 5764.

§ 11-12. Part performance extinguishing obligation.

Part performance of an obligation, promise or undertaking, either before or after a breach thereof, when expressly accepted by the creditor in satisfaction and rendered in pursuance of an agreement for that purpose, though without any new consideration, shall extinguish such obligation, promise, or undertaking.

Code 1919, § 5765.

§ 11-13. Right of contribution not affected.

Nothing contained in §§ 11-10 through 11-12 shall affect or impair the right of contribution between joint contractors and co-obligors.

Code 1919, § 5766.