Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 13.1. Corporations
Subtitle .
Chapter 4.2. Securities Registered in Joint Names

Chapter 4.2. Securities Registered in Joint Names.

§ 13.1-434. Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(a) "Corporation" means a private or public corporation, association, or trust issuing a security.

(b) "Security" includes any share of stock, bond, debenture, note or other security issued by a corporation and registered as to ownership on the books of the corporation.

(c) "Transfer agent" includes any person employed or authorized to transfer securities issued by a corporation, including a registrar.

1960, c. 20.

§ 13.1-435. Corporate securities registered in joint names with right of survivorship.

Whenever a security issued by a corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth is registered in the names of two or more persons as joint tenants with right of survivorship or in the names of persons married to each other as tenants by the entireties with right of survivorship and one of such persons dies, such corporation and any transfer agent of such corporation shall, upon receipt of evidence of death, be entitled to treat the survivor or survivors as the owner or owners of such security for all purposes and to cause such security to be registered in the name of such survivor or survivors regardless of any claim of right through the decedent or by his personal representative, unless such registration is enjoined prior to its effectuation by a court of competent jurisdiction.

1960, c. 20; 2020, c. 900.

§ 13.1-436. To what transfers of securities applicable.

This chapter shall apply to all transfers of securities by transfer agents domiciled in this Commonwealth and by all corporations incorporated under the laws of this Commonwealth and their transfer agents regardless of the place of transfer or the residence or domicile of the registered owners of any such security.

1960, c. 20.

§ 13.1-437. Reserved.