Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 2.2. Administration of Government
Chapter 11. Department of General Services

Article 1. General Provisions.

§ 2.2-1100. Creation of Department; appointment of Director; duties.

A. There is created a Department of General Services (the Department), which shall be headed by a Director appointed by the Governor to serve at his pleasure.

B. The Director of the Department shall, under the direction and control of the Governor, exercise the powers and perform the duties conferred or imposed upon him by law and perform such other duties as may be required by the Governor. The Director shall be responsible for the overall supervision of the Department's divisions, programs and personnel. Under his direction the Department shall serve as an agency whose services are primarily for the support of other state agencies in carrying out their programs. The head of each division shall, under the direction and control of the Director, exercise the powers and perform the duties conferred by this chapter as they pertain to his division and perform such other duties as required by the Director.

C. Whenever in this title and in the Code of Virginia, reference is made to a division, department or agency transferred to this Department, it shall mean the Department of General Services, through the division to which the powers and duties of that division, department or agency are assigned. Notwithstanding anything in this section to the contrary, the Director shall have the authority to create new divisions within the Department and to assign or reassign the duties of the Department's divisions to whatever divisions as may best perform them.

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§ 2.2-1101. Creation of internal service fund accounts.

Upon written request of the Director of the Department, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission may direct the Comptroller to establish internal service fund accounts on his books and record the receipts and expenditures for appropriate functions of the Department. The Comptroller shall provide the Department with working capital advances with which to finance these operations pursuant to appropriations made by law. Charges for services rendered sufficient to offset costs involved in these operations shall be established.

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§ 2.2-1102. Additional powers of Department.

A. The Department shall have the following additional powers, all of which, with the approval of the Director of the Department, may be exercised by a division of the Department with respect to matters assigned to that division:

1. Prescribe regulations necessary or incidental to the performance of duties or execution of powers conferred under this chapter; and

2. Establish fee schedules that may be collectible from users when general fund appropriations are not applicable to the services rendered.

B. All statewide contracts and agreements made and entered into by the Department for the purchase of computers, software, supplies, and related peripheral equipment and services shall provide for the inclusion of counties, cities, and towns in such contracts and agreements. For good cause shown, the Secretary of Administration may disapprove the inclusion from a specific contract or agreement.

C. The Department may operate or provide for the operation of hazardous waste management facilities.

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