Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 2.2. Administration of Government
Chapter 25. Commissions

Article 11. American Revolution 250 Commission.

§ 2.2-2544. (Expires July 1, 2027) American Revolution 250 Commission; purpose.

The American Revolution 250 Commission (the Commission) is established as an advisory commission within the executive branch of state government.

The purpose of the Commission is to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, the Revolutionary War, and the independence of the United States.

2020, cc. 914, 915.

§ 2.2-2545. (Expires July 1, 2027) Membership; terms.

A. The Commission shall have a total membership of 27 members that shall consist of five legislative members, 17 nonlegislative citizen members, and five ex officio members. Members shall be appointed as follows:

1. Two members of the Senate, to be appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules;

2. Three members of the House of Delegates, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Delegates in accordance with the principles of proportional representation contained in the Rules of the House of Delegates;

3. One representative from each of the lead commemoration partners: the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, the primary state agency and fiscal agent; the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, the primary nonstate agency; and Gunston Hall, the primary representative of Virginia's historic homes and related sites;

4. One representative from the American Battlefield Trust, the secretariat of the United States Semiquincentennial Commission, and one representative from the Virginia Bar Association;

5. Six members appointed by the Governor from a list of 10 provided by the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation; and

6. Six members appointed by the Governor from a list of 10 provided by the Virginia Museum of History & Culture.

The Secretary of Education, the Librarian of Virginia, the Director of the Department of Historic Resources, the Executive Director of Virginia Humanities, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Virginia Tourism Authority, or their designees, shall serve as ex officio members with voting privileges. Nonlegislative citizen members of the Commission shall be citizens of the Commonwealth.

B. The Commission shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman from among its membership.

C. Legislative members of the Commission shall serve terms coincident with their terms of office. Nonlegislative citizen members shall be appointed for the duration of the Commission's activities. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the unexpired terms. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointments.

2020, cc. 914, 915; 2022, cc. 685, 687.

§ 2.2-2546. (Expires July 1, 2027) Quorum; meetings.

A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum. The meetings of the Commission will be held at the call of the chair or whenever a majority of the members so request.

2020, cc. 914, 915.

§ 2.2-2547. (Expires July 1, 2027) Compensation; expenses.

Legislative members of the Commission shall receive such compensation as provided in § 30-19.12. Nonlegislative citizen members of the Commission shall not receive compensation or reimbursement for travel and other expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

2020, cc. 914, 915; 2022, cc. 685, 687.

§ 2.2-2548. (Expires July 1, 2027) Powers and duties of the Commission.

The Commission shall have the power and duty to:

1. Formulate and implement a program for the inclusive observance of the 250th anniversary of the independence of the United States and the Revolutionary War in Virginia, including (i) civic, cultural, and historical education and scholarship concerning the ideals of the American Revolution and their contemporary relevance; (ii) visitation of museums and historic sites, including battlefields; (iii) creation and publication of historical documents and studies; (iv) cooperation with agencies responsible for the preservation or restoration of historic sites, buildings, art, and artifacts; (v) establishment of exhibitions and interpretive and wayfinding signage; (vi) arrangement of appropriate public ceremonies; (vii) a comprehensive marketing and tourism campaign encompassing calendar year 2025 through calendar year 2026; and (viii) the general dissemination of public information regarding Virginia's involvement in the American Revolution and its legacy today;

2. Submit to the Governor and the General Assembly an annual executive summary of the interim activity and work of the Commission no later than the first day of each regular session of the General Assembly;

3. Solicit, accept, use, and dispose of funds appropriated by the General Assembly and any gifts, grants, donations, bequests, or other funds received by the Commission for the purpose of aiding or facilitating its work;

4. Appoint and establish an advisory council, to be led by the Commission member representing Gunston Hall, composed of nonlegislative citizen members at large who have a knowledge of relevant history or expertise in areas useful to the work of the Commission, including a representative of the Sons of the Revolution in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a representative of the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution, and a representative of the National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association. The advisory council shall make recommendations and provide comment as requested by the Commission. The Commission may from time to time appoint, add, or remove members of the advisory council. Members of the advisory council shall serve without compensation or reimbursement;

5. Appoint and establish an executive committee composed of members of the Commission, to include the Commission's chair and vice chair and one representative designated by each of the following: the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, and Gunston Hall; and

6. Perform such other duties, functions, and activities as may be necessary to facilitate and implement the objectives of the Commission.

2020, cc. 914, 915.

§ 2.2-2549. (Expires July 1, 2027) Cooperation of agencies of state and local government.

The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation will be the primary state agency and fiscal agent for the commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution. All agencies of the Commonwealth and local governments are authorized, consistent with their missions, to provide assistance and advice to the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, or directly to the Commission, in fulfilling all things necessary and proper to plan for and implement the commemoration. The various agencies and institutions of the Commonwealth, upon request of the Commission and approval of the respective agency head, shall designate a liaison to coordinate assistance and services to the Commission from their agencies and institutions.

2020, cc. 914, 915.

§ 2.2-2550. (Expires July 1, 2027) Sunset.

This article shall expire on July 1, 2027.

2020, cc. 914, 915.