Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 2.2. Administration of Government
Chapter 8. Department of Accounts

Article 2. Claims Against Commonwealth.

§ 2.2-814. To whom claims presented; Comptroller to furnish forms.

A. Any person having any pecuniary claim against the Commonwealth upon any legal ground shall present the same to the head of the department, division, institution or agency of the Commonwealth responsible for the alleged act or omission which, if proved, gives rise to the claim. If, however, the claimant cannot identify the alleged act or omission with any single department, division, institution or agency of the Commonwealth, then the claim shall be presented to the Comptroller.

B. The Comptroller shall supply the several clerks of record and, upon request, each head of a department, division, institution or agency mentioned in subsection A with the necessary forms to be used by them for accounts payable out of the state treasury.

Code 1950, §§ 2-193, 2-194; 1960, c. 240; 1966, c. 677, §§ 2.1-223.1, 2.1-223.2; 2001, c. 844.

§ 2.2-815. Claims to be examined and forwarded to Comptroller; what Comptroller may allow.

A. Every claim authorized to be presented to the Comptroller or to the head of a department, division, institution or agency shall be examined by the person to whom it is presented and forwarded with appropriate supporting papers and recommendations without unreasonable delay to the Comptroller, who shall promptly allow the amount that appears to be due.

B. No allowance made by order of any court of record shall be paid out of the state treasury, unless presented to the Comptroller for payment within two years from the date of the allowance.

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§ 2.2-816. When Comptroller may refer claim to Governor.

Whenever a claim cannot be allowed solely because it was not presented within the time prescribed by § 8.01-255, the Comptroller may, within three years after the claim might have been presented, refer the same to the Governor, who may direct payment of all or any part of the claim.

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