Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 22.1. Education
Chapter 8. Public School Funds

Article 3. Other Funds; Temporary Loans; Trust Funds.

§ 22.1-107. Glebe lands and church property; revenue and income therefrom.

All glebe lands and church property, or the proceeds thereof, which may be appropriated under § 57-3 for education shall be vested in the school board of the school division within whose boundaries the property lies and shall be managed and applied by the school board according to the wishes of the donor. The revenue or income therefrom shall be applied as that portion of the Literary Fund which is allotted to such school division, subject to the same laws and penalties.

Code 1950, § 22-118; 1980, c. 559.

§ 22.1-108. Money derived from forest reserve.

All federal funds paid to the Commonwealth arising from the forest reserve shall be paid to the State Treasurer to be distributed and disposed of as provided in this section.

The treasurer of each school division within whose boundaries there is located any land owned by the United States government and held as a forest reserve shall ascertain the area of such land so situated in the school division and the reserve in which the same is located and make a report thereof to the Comptroller. Upon receipt of such information from the treasurer, the Comptroller shall apportion all federal funds arising from such forest reserve among the school divisions in which such forest reserve is located according to the area in each school division. The Comptroller shall keep separate accounts of all federal forest reserve funds received by him.

Code 1950, § 22-119; 1960, c. 463; 1980, c. 559.

§ 22.1-109. Federal funds apportioned to school divisions containing lands leased for flood control purposes.

All funds paid to the State Treasurer by the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States under the provisions of Section 5 of Public Law 526 of the 79th Congress, end session, shall be apportioned by the State Comptroller among the school divisions in which lands acquired by the United States for flood control purposes were leased, according to the amounts derived from each school division as stated by the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.

Code 1950, § 22-119.1; 1952, Ex. Sess., c. 31; 1980, c. 559.

§ 22.1-110. Temporary loans to school boards.

No school board shall borrow any money in any manner for any purpose without express authority of law. Any loan negotiated in violation of this section shall be void. Subject to the approval of the governing body or bodies appropriating funds to the school board, any school board is authorized to borrow money, when necessary, not to exceed in the aggregate one-half of the amount produced by the school levy for the school division for the year in which such money is so borrowed or one-half of the amount of the cash appropriation made to such school board for the preceding year or, in school divisions for which there is both a school levy and appropriation, one-half of the amount of each. Such loans shall be evidenced by notes or bonds negotiable or nonnegotiable, as the school board determines. In the case of temporary loans in anticipation of loans from the Literary Fund, such loans shall be repaid within two years of their dates. Other temporary loans shall be repaid within one year of their dates. However, loans made to purchase new school buses to replace obsolete or worn out equipment shall be repaid within not less than 10 years of their dates.

Code 1950, § 22-120; 1980, c. 559; 1987, c. 251; 2006, c. 239.

§ 22.1-111. Trust funds.

In cases where funds or other property are held by trustees for purposes of public school education, a school board shall have the power and duty to examine into the manner in which such trusts are administered. All such trustees shall render reports to the school board whenever called on and afford every facility needed by the school board to obtain a full understanding of all the points connected with such administration. If such examination reveals any defect or irregularity in the administration of such trust funds or other property, it shall be the duty of the school board to institute prompt proceedings for carrying the matter before the courts. In cases where donations or other funds have been set apart for the education of the poor, a school board is authorized to receive and apply the same in connection with the public schools in obedience to the will of the donor. Nothing in this section shall be construed to apply to the twenty-fifth clause of the will of Samuel Miller, deceased, or in anywise to affect or impair any rights or interests whatsoever, either public or private, arising under such clause.

Code 1950, § 22-144; 1980, c. 559.

§ 22.1-112. Deposit and disbursement of donations.

Any donations made to the Board of Education or to any member thereof for the benefit of any public school or schools in the Commonwealth shall, upon acceptance, be paid into the state treasury and kept in a separate account on the books of the Comptroller. Such donations shall be expended by the Board in accordance with the wishes of the donor.

Code 1950, § 22-145; 1980, c. 559.