Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 23.1. Institutions of Higher Education; Other Educational and Cultural Institutions
Chapter 22. University of Virginia

Article 4. Donations.

§ 23.1-2214. Gifts, bequests, and devises.

Any person may (i) deposit in the state treasury; (ii) bequeath money, stocks, or public bonds of any kind to be so deposited; or (iii) grant, devise, or bequeath property, real or personal, to be sold and the proceeds to be so deposited, in sums not less than $100, that shall be invested in securities that are legal investments under the laws of the Commonwealth for public funds for the benefit of the University, and in such case the interest or dividends accruing on such investments shall be paid to the board and appropriated by the board for general purposes unless some particular appropriation has been designated by the donor or testator. The State Treasurer shall notify the board of any such deposit in the state treasury.

Code 1919, § 822, § 23-81; 1956, c. 184; 2016, c. 588.

§ 23.1-2215. Donations for special purposes or objects.

If any particular purpose or object connected with the University is specified by a donor pursuant to § 23.1-2214 at the time of such deposit (i) by writing filed in the State Treasurer's office, which may also be recorded in the clerk's office of the Circuit Court of Albemarle County as a deed for land is recorded, or (ii) in the will of such testator, the interest, income, and profits of such fund shall be appropriated to such purpose and object and none other. If the donor or testator so directs in such writing or will, the interest accruing on such fund shall be reinvested by the State Treasurer every six months, in the manner prescribed in § 23.1-2214 and for such period as such writing or will prescribes, not exceeding 30 years. At the expiration of the time so prescribed or 30 years, whichever occurs first, the fund, with its accumulations, and the interest, income, and profits accruing upon the aggregate fund shall be paid to the board as they accrue and as directed by such writing or will and shall be appropriated and employed according to the provisions of such writing or will and not otherwise. The board shall render to the General Assembly, at each regular session, an account of the disbursement of any funds so derived.

Code 1919, § 823, § 23-82; 2016, c. 588.

§ 23.1-2216. Disposition of donations.

Donations made pursuant to § 23.1-2214 are irrevocable by the donor or his representatives, but if the board gives notice in writing to the State Treasurer within one year of being notified of the donation by the Treasurer that it declines to receive the benefit of such deposit, the deposit and any interest and profits that may have accrued shall be held subject to the order of such donor or his legal representatives. If at any time the object of such donation or deposit fails by the legal destruction of the University or by any other means so that the purpose of the gift, bequest, or devise is permanently frustrated, the whole fund, including unexpended principal and interest, shall revert to and be vested in the donor or his legal representatives.

Code 1919, § 824, § 23-83; 2016, c. 588.

§ 23.1-2217. Reservation of nomination by donor.

If a donor pursuant to § 23.1-2214 reserves in writing as set forth in § 23.1-2215 to himself or to any other person the power to (i) nominate to any professorship, scholarship, or other place or appointment in the University or (ii) do any other act connected with such nomination and he or such other person fails to make such nomination in writing or do such other act within six months, the board may proceed to make such appointment or do such act.

Code 1919, § 825, § 23-84; 2016, c. 588.

§ 23.1-2218. Commonwealth to be trustee of donations; liability of State Treasurer.

The Commonwealth is the trustee for the safekeeping and due application of all funds that may be deposited in the state treasury pursuant to § 23.1-2214. The State Treasurer and the sureties in his official bond are liable for the money or other funds deposited, and the accounting officers of the Commonwealth shall keep separate accounts of each such deposit in the same manner as other public funds.

Code 1919, § 826, § 23-85; 2016, c. 588.