Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 24.2. Elections
Chapter 9.3. Campaign Finance Disclosure Act of 2006

Article 7. Inaugural Committees.

§ 24.2-952. General provisions.

Any inaugural committee shall maintain all inaugural funds in a separate account and in such detail and form as to allow full compliance with this chapter. A candidate's campaign committee shall not serve as an inaugural fund committee.

1991, cc. 474, 709, § 24.1-254.3; 1993, c. 641, § 24.2-913; 2006, cc. 787, 892.

§ 24.2-952.1. Statement of organization for an inaugural committee.

Each inaugural committee shall file with the State Board a statement of organization within 10 days after its organization. Any change in information previously submitted in a statement of organization shall be reported to the State Board within 10 days following the change.

The statement of organization shall include:

1. The name of the committee and its address in the Commonwealth;

2. The name and business address of the treasurer and his residence address in the Commonwealth who shall be deemed the agent of the inaugural committee for the purpose of service of process on the inaugural committee;

3. The name, residence address in the Commonwealth, business address, and position of the custodian of the books and accounts who works under the direction of the treasurer and the address where the books are maintained, if different from the business address of the custodian of the books and accounts;

4. The name and residence address of the elected official for whose inauguration the committee is organized;

5. The designated depository to be used for the receipt and holding of funds and contributions received by the committee, in an account in a financial institution within the Commonwealth; and

6. Such other information as shall be required by the State Board except that the account number for the designated depository account shall not be required.

1991, cc. 474, 709, § 24.1-254.3; 1993, c. 641, § 24.2-913; 2006, cc. 787, 892.

§ 24.2-952.2. Inaugural committee treasurer requirements and responsibilities.

A. The treasurer shall keep detailed and accurate accounts of all contributions turned over to and expenditures made by the committee, the treasurer, or other officer on behalf of the inaugural committee, or reported to the treasurer pursuant to this article. Such account shall set forth the date of the contribution or expenditure, its amount or value, the name and address of the person or committee making the contribution or to whom the expenditure was made, and the object or purpose of the contribution or expenditure.

Such books and records may be destroyed or discarded at any time after (i) one year from the date of filing the final report required by § 24.2-952.7 or (ii) a period of three years, whichever first occurs, unless a court of competent jurisdiction shall order their retention for a longer period.

B. All contributions and expenditures received or made by any inaugural committee, or received or made on its behalf or in relation to the committee by any person, except independent expenditures, shall be paid over or delivered to the inaugural committee's treasurer or shall be reported to the treasurer in such detail and form as to allow him to comply fully with this article. An independent expenditure shall be reported pursuant to § 24.2-945.2 in lieu of being reported to the inaugural committee's treasurer.

C. It shall be unlawful for any inaugural committee, its treasurer, or any person receiving contributions or making expenditures on the committee's behalf or in relation to the committee, to fail to report every contribution and expenditure as required by this article.

D. No inaugural committee treasurer or other individual shall pay any expense on behalf of the committee, directly or indirectly, except by a check or electronic debit drawn on such designated depository identifying the name of the inaugural committee. However, a treasurer or other authorized officer of the inaugural committee may be reimbursed, by a check or electronic debit drawn on the designated depository, for the payment of expenses (i) paid by him by cash, check or electronic debit, or credit card, (ii) made on behalf of the committee, and (iii) fully documented by complete records of the expenditure, maintained as required by this article, and including receipts identifying the nature of the expenses and the names and addresses of each person paid by the recipient of the reimbursement.

E. A treasurer of an inaugural committee (i) may establish a petty cash fund to be utilized for the purpose of making expenditures or reimbursing verified credit card expenditures of less than $200 if complete records of such expenditures are maintained as required by this chapter and (ii) may transfer funds from the designated campaign depository to an account or instrument to earn interest on the funds so long as the transferred funds and earned interest are returned to the designated depository account, complete records are maintained, and all expenditures are made through the designated depository account.

1991, cc. 474, 709, § 24.1-254.3; 1993, c. 641, § 24.2-913; 2006, cc. 787, 892; 2020, c. 349.

§ 24.2-952.3. Information to be included on campaign finance reports for inaugural committees.

A. The reports required by this article shall be filed on a form prescribed by the State Board and shall include all financial activity of the inaugural committee. All completed forms shall be submitted in typed, printed, or legibly hand printed format or electronically as provided in § 24.2-946.1. Persons submitting the forms shall do so subject to felony penalties for making false statements pursuant to § 24.2-1016.

B. The report of receipts shall include:

1. The total number of contributors, each of whom has contributed an aggregate of $100 or less, including cash and in-kind contributions, as of the date of the report, and the total amount of contributions from all such contributors;

2. For each contributor who has contributed an aggregate of more than $100, including cash and in-kind contributions, as of the ending date of the report, the campaign committee shall itemize each contributor on the report and list the following information:

a. the name of the contributor, listed alphabetically,

b. the mailing address of the contributor,

c. the amount of the contribution,

d. the aggregate amount of contributions from the contributor to date,

e. the date of the last contribution,

f. the occupation of the contributor,

g. the name of his employer or principal business, and

h. the locality where employed or where his business is located.

For each such contributor, other than an individual, the principal type of business and place of business of the contributor shall be substituted for subdivisions f and g, respectively. For each such contributor other than an individual, it shall be sufficient to list the address of the contributor one time on the report of receipts.

C. The report of disbursements shall include all expenditures and give:

1. The name and address of the person paid;

2. A brief description of the purpose of the expenditure;

3. The name of the person contracting for or arranging the expenditure;

4. The amount of the expenditure; and

5. The date of the expenditure.

The report of disbursements shall itemize any expenditure made by credit card payment.

D. Each report for an inaugural committee shall list separately those receipts and expenditures reported to the treasurer or other officer of the committee by any person, candidate campaign committee, political committee, pursuant to subsection B of § 24.2-952.2, and in the case of in-kind contributions, shall set forth in each instance the source of the information reported.

E. The report shall list separately all loans, and for each loan, shall give:

1. The date the loan was made;

2. The name and address of the person making the loan and any person who is a co-borrower, guarantor, or endorser of the loan;

3. The amount of the loan;

4. The date and amount of any repayment of the loan; and

5. For any loan or part of a loan that is forgiven by the lender, the amount forgiven listed as both a contribution and loan repayment.

F. The State Board shall provide for a "no activity" report that may be filed for any reporting period in which the filer has no activity to report.

G. It is the responsibility of the treasurer that the report for the inaugural committee be filed and that the report be in full and accurate detail.

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§ 24.2-952.4. Filing schedule for inaugural committees.

An inaugural committee shall file the prescribed reports of contributions and expenditures as follows:

1. Not later than March 15 immediately following the inauguration for all contributions and expenditures made prior to the preceding March 1;

2. Not later than July 15 of the inauguration year complete through June 30;

3. Not later than the following January 15 complete through December 31; and

4. Not later than January 15 complete through December 31 and annually thereafter until a final report is filed.

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§ 24.2-952.5. Large dollar contribution reporting requirement for inaugural committees.

In addition to the reports required by § 24.2-952.4, inaugural committees shall report any single contribution or loan of $10,000 or more received at any time during the calendar year within three business days of receipt of the contribution or loan.

1. The report shall be filed on a "large dollar contribution report" form prescribed by the State Board and shall be filed in writing or electronically in the same manner as the committee files its quarterly disclosure reports.

2. Any contribution or loan reported pursuant to this section shall also be reported on the next subsequent report required under § 24.2-952.4 following receipt of the contribution or loan.

3. For the purposes of this section, inaugural committees shall report as one contribution multiple contributions from a single source that have been subdivided into smaller amounts or given through different bank accounts for the purpose of evading the $10,000 threshold.

4. An inaugural committee that receives contributions from affiliated organizations shall not be deemed to be receiving contributions from a single source.

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§ 24.2-952.6. With whom inaugural committees file reports; electronic filing requirement.

A. Inaugural committees required to file reports by this chapter shall file all campaign finance reports with the State Board.

B. An inaugural committee that is required by this chapter to file reports with the State Board, and that accepts contributions or makes expenditures in excess of $10,000 in any calendar year, or that accepted contributions or made expenditures in excess of $10,000 in the previous calendar year, shall file its reports with the State Board by computer or electronic means in accordance with the standards approved by the State Board until such time as the committee files a final report.

C. Any inaugural committee that has been filing electronically, but does not anticipate accepting contributions or making expenditures in excess of $10,000 in the upcoming calendar year, may sign a waiver, on a form prescribed by the State Board, to exempt the committee from the electronic filing requirement for the calendar year. Such waiver form shall be submitted and received no later than the date the first report is due covering activity for that calendar year.

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§ 24.2-952.7. Final report requirement; disbursement of surplus funds.

A. Any inaugural committee that, after having filed a statement of organization, disbands shall so notify the State Board. A final report shall be filed by the committee that sets forth (i) all receipts and disbursements not previously reported, (ii) an accounting of the retirement of all debts, and (iii) the disposition of the committee's surplus funds. This final report shall include a termination statement, signed by the treasurer or other principal officer listed on the statement of organization, that all reporting for the committee is complete and final.

B. It shall be unlawful for any person to disburse any funds or receipts of an inaugural committee which are in excess of the amount necessary to defray expenditures for inaugural activities other than by one or any combination of the following: (i) returning the excess to a contributor in an amount not to exceed the contributor's original contribution or (ii) making one or more charitable contributions as defined in § 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. It shall be unlawful for any person to convert any contributed moneys, securities, or like intangible personal property to his personal use or to the use of a member of the "immediate family," as that term is defined in § 30-101, of the committee's treasurer or chief executive.

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