Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 3.2. Agriculture, Animal Care, and Food
Chapter 18. Potato Board

Article 1. Potato Board Membership and Authority.

§ 3.2-1800. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:

"Approved seed potatoes" means disease-free potatoes and parts thereof that conform to the standards established by the Potato Board.

"Board" means the Potato Board.

"Handler" means any person who is a processor, dealer, shipper, or exporter who purchases potatoes from a grower, or who acts as the grower's agent, or any person who holds a produce dealer or commission merchant license from the Department. The term also means any producer who packs, processes, or otherwise performs the functions of a handler pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

"Jurisdiction" means any locality where potatoes are produced according to the records of the Department.

"Potatoes" means all varieties of potatoes except sweet potatoes.

"Producer" means any person who, in a calendar year, grows a minimum of 40,000 pounds of potatoes in the Commonwealth.

"Seed potatoes" means potatoes and parts thereof intended for the propagation or production of commercial potatoes.

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§ 3.2-1801. Potato Board; composition and appointment of members.

The Potato Board, established by the passage of a 1994 referendum held pursuant to Chapter 126 of the Acts of Assembly of 1982, is continued within the Department. The Potato Board shall be composed of seven members appointed by the Governor from nominations by grower organizations, to terms of four years. The appointments shall be subject to confirmation by the General Assembly. All members of the Potato Board shall be producers of potatoes. Each grower organization shall submit nominations for each available position before the expiration of the member's term for which the nomination is being provided. If said organizations fail to provide nominations, the Governor may appoint other nominees that meet the criteria provided by this section.

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§ 3.2-1802. Repealed.

Repealed by Acts 2016, c. 565, cl. 2.

§ 3.2-1803. Potato Board meetings and quorum.

The Potato Board shall meet at least once each year prior to the beginning of the seed potato buying season, at the call of the chairman, and whenever the majority of the members so request. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum.

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§ 3.2-1804. Powers and duties of the Potato Board.

A. The Board shall have charge of the management and expenditures of the Virginia Potato Fund established in the state treasury.

B. The Board may expend funds to provide for programs of research, education, publicity, advertising, and other promotion; manage the fund so as to accumulate a reserve for contingencies; establish an office and employ such technical and professional assistants as may be required; contract for research, publicity, advertising and other promotional services; and take all actions as will assist in strengthening and promoting the best interest of producers of potatoes.

C. In carrying out the purposes of this chapter, the Board may cooperate with other state, regional, and national agricultural organizations in research, education, publicity, advertising, and other promotional activities.

D. The Board may establish an executive committee and charge it with those powers, duties, and functions as the Board deems proper.

E. The chairman of the Board shall make an annual report to the Board including a statement of the total receipts and disbursements for the year and shall file a copy of the report and the audit required by § 3.2-1810 with the Commissioner.

F. The Board shall adopt regulations to establish standards for seed potatoes and to carry out the provisions of this chapter and, at the recommendation of the chairman, request that the Commissioner, the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the Chairman of the Certified Seed Board, and the Director of the Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Painter appoint representatives to advise the Board.

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