Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 3.2. Agriculture, Animal Care, and Food
Chapter 39. Pesticide Control

Article 2. Licensing and Registration.

§ 3.2-3914. Registration required.

Every pesticide manufactured, distributed, sold, offered for sale, used, or offered for use shall be registered in accordance with regulations adopted by the Board. Registration shall lapse unless the registrant pays an annual fee set forth in regulations adopted by the Board.

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§ 3.2-3915. Products registered under Federal Act.

The Commissioner may register and permit the sale and use of any pesticide registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. Such products shall be subject to the registration fees and all other provisions of this chapter.

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§ 3.2-3916. Products registered as single pesticide.

Products that: (i) have the same formula; (ii) are manufactured by the same person; (iii) include labelings with the same claims; and (iv) bear designations identifying the products as the same pesticide may be registered as a single pesticide without an additional fee.

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§ 3.2-3917. Change in labeling or formulas without reregistration.

The Commissioner may allow a change in the labeling or formulas of a pesticide within a registration period without requiring reregistration provided that such changes do not lower the efficacy of the product.

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§ 3.2-3918. Statement to be filed by registrant.

A. The registrant shall file a statement with the Commissioner including:

1. The name and address of the registrant and the name and address of the person whose name will appear on the label, if other than the registrant;

2. The name of the pesticide;

3. A complete copy of the labeling accompanying the pesticide and a statement of all claims made and to be made for it including directions for use;

4. If requested, a full description of the tests made and the results thereof upon which the claims are based; and

5. Other information requested by the Board such as product efficacy, all known health and environmental impacts, and known incidents of human or wildlife illnesses.

B. In the case of renewal of registration, a statement shall be required only with respect to information different from that furnished when the pesticide was last registered or in response to additional requirements imposed by the Board.

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§ 3.2-3919. Each brand or grade to be registered; fees.

Before manufacturing, distributing, selling, offering for sale, or offering for use any pesticide, the registrant shall register each brand or grade of a pesticide with the Commissioner annually upon forms furnished by the Department and shall pay the Department an annual registration fee for each brand or grade offered for sale or use. The Commissioner shall issue a registration entitling the registrant to manufacture, distribute, or sell all registered brands until the expiration of the registration.

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§ 3.2-3920. Submission of complete formula.

The Commissioner may require the submission of the complete formula of any pesticide at any time.

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§ 3.2-3921. Requirements for registration.

The Commissioner shall register a pesticide if: (i) he finds the composition of the pesticide warrants any proposed claims; and (ii) the pesticide, its labeling, and any other submitted material comply with the requirements of this chapter. If either condition is not met, the Commissioner shall notify the registrant of the manner in which the pesticide, labeling, or other material fails to comply with the requirements for registration so as to afford the registrant an opportunity to make the necessary correction.

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§ 3.2-3922. When Commissioner may refuse or cancel registration.

The Commissioner may refuse to register or cancel the registration of any brand of pesticide upon satisfactory proof that the registrant has committed any of the acts prohibited by subsection A of § 3.2-3939 or any regulation adopted by the Board. No registration shall be revoked or refused until the registrant shall have been given a hearing by the Commissioner.

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§ 3.2-3923. When Board may refuse or cancel registration.

The Board may deny or cancel the registration of a pesticide if it finds after a public hearing that:

1. Considering the available information on the benefits of a product and any associated risks, use of the pesticide has demonstrated unreasonable adverse effects on the environment;

2. A false or misleading statement about the pesticide has been made or implied by the registrant or the registrant's agent in writing, verbally, or through any form of advertising literature; or

3. The registrant or the pesticide fails to comply with a requirement of this chapter or a regulation adopted hereunder.

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§ 3.2-3924. Annual business license required.

A. No pesticide business may sell, distribute, or store any pesticide without a pesticide business license issued pursuant to regulations adopted by the Board. The Board shall adopt regulations exempting retailers of limited quantities of nonrestricted use pesticides including grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, veterinarians, and other businesses who sell pesticides primarily for limited household use.

B. No person may apply or recommend for use any pesticide commercially without a pesticide business license and the employment of a certified commercial applicator responsible for: (i) the safe application of the pesticides; and (ii) providing recommendations for the use of pesticides.

C. An annual business license shall be required for each location or outlet that sells, distributes, stores, applies, or recommends for use any pesticide.

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§ 3.2-3925. Fees.

A. A nonrefundable annual licensing fee shall be required with each application for a pesticide business license.

B. If a person fails to apply for renewal of a pesticide business license prior to expiration, the applicant shall pay the licensing fee and a late fee of 20 percent of the licensing fee as a condition of renewal.

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§ 3.2-3926. Records.

A. As a condition of obtaining or renewing a license, each pesticide business required to be licensed shall maintain records as required by the Board.

B. The Board may require the submission of records from a licensed pesticide business. Failure to submit a record requested by the Board is a ground for license revocation.

1975, c. 377, § 3.1-249.11; 1989, c. 575, § 3.1-249.48; 2008, c. 860.

§ 3.2-3927. Evidence of financial responsibility required of licensed pesticide business.

A. The Board shall not issue a pesticide business license until the business has furnished evidence of financial responsibility, consisting of a liability insurance policy from a person authorized to do business in the Commonwealth that protects persons who suffer legal damages as a result of the use of any pesticide by the applicant. Financial responsibility need not apply to damages or injury to agricultural crops, plants, or property being worked upon by the applicant. The Board by regulation may establish and prescribe the conditions for financial responsibility.

B. The amount of financial responsibility shall be established by the Board at a minimum of $100,000 for property damage; $100,000 for personal injury to or death of one person; and $300,000 per occurrence. The Board may accept a liability insurance policy containing a deductible clause in an amount considered usual and customary in the industry, with the provision that the insurer shall pay all claims in full and that the amount of the deductible shall be recoverable only from the insured. The Board may adopt regulations governing the provision of additional evidence of financial responsibility based upon annual gross revenue of the applicant or his employer's business and an assessment of the risks of the applicant or his employer's business to persons, property, and the environment. Such financial responsibility shall be maintained at not less than such amount at all times during the licensed period. The applicant shall notify the Board 10 days prior to any reduction at the request of the applicant or cancellation by the insurer.

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§ 3.2-3928. Licensing of pesticide bulk storage facilities.

The Board shall establish by regulation specific requirements for the licensing of a pesticide business that mixes, stores, or otherwise handles pesticides in bulk quantities. For the purposes of this section, bulk quantity shall not include containers approved for transportation in interstate commerce by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

1989, c. 575, § 3.1-249.50; 2008, c. 860.