Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 32.1. Health
Chapter 6. Environmental Health Services

Article 1.1. State Health Department Sewage Handling and Disposal Appeal Review Board.

§ 32.1-166.1. Review Board; members.

There is hereby established, in the Department of Health, the State Health Department Sewage Handling and Disposal Appeal Review Board, consisting of seven members, appointed by the Governor subject to confirmation by the General Assembly. The members shall include one member who is a soil scientist; one member who is a professional engineer in private practice; one member who is a residential builder; one member who is an academic professional engaged in research and teaching in a soils-related discipline; one member who has had experience in the field of enforcement of onsite sewage disposal regulations; one member who is engaged in private soils analysis work related to the installation of onsite sewage systems; and one member from the public at large who may have experience in the installation of onsite sewage systems. The members shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

1984, c. 457; 1987, c. 47.

§ 32.1-166.2. Officers; secretary.

The Review Board, under rules adopted by itself, shall elect one of its members as chairman, for a term of two years, and may elect one of its members as vice-chairman. The Review Board may also elect a secretary, who may be a nonmember.

1984, c. 457.

§ 32.1-166.3. Oath.

Before entering upon the discharge of their duties, all members of the Review Board shall take an oath that they will faithfully and honestly execute the duties of their office during their continuance therein.

1984, c. 457.

§ 32.1-166.4. Meetings.

The Review Board shall meet eight times per year to hear appeals of denials of applications for onsite sewage disposal systems.

Any appeal shall be filed thirty days prior to a meeting in order to be placed on the docket. The Review Board shall provide its decision in writing within fifteen days of the date of the hearing to the person making the appeal, his representative and the Department of Health.

1984, c. 457; 1986, c. 331.

§ 32.1-166.5. Offices.

The Review Board shall be furnished adequate space and quarters in the suite of offices of the Department, where the Board's main office shall be located.

1984, c. 457.

§ 32.1-166.6. Review Board to hear appeals.

The Review Board shall hear all administrative appeals of denials of onsite sewage disposal system permits and appeals of refusals of indemnification requests filed pursuant to § 32.1-164.1:01, and refusals of betterment loan eligibility letters pursuant to § 32.1-164.1:2, and render its decision on any such appeal, which decision shall be the final administrative decision. Proceedings of the Review Board and appeals of its decisions shall be governed by the provisions of Chapter 40 (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.) of Title 2.2.

In addition to the authority to render a final administrative decision, the Review Board, in its discretion, may develop recommendations for alternative solutions to the conditions resulting in denial of the permit or refusal to indemnify and remand the case to the Department of Health for reconsideration.

For purposes of this section "betterment loan" is as defined in § 32.1-163.

1984, c. 457; 1986, c. 331; 1994, c. 747; 2009, c. 829.

§ 32.1-166.7. Subpoenas; witnesses; designation of subordinates.

In any matter before it on appeal for hearing and determination, the Review Board or its designated subordinates may compel the attendance of all needed witnesses in like manner as a circuit court, save the Review Board shall not have the power of imprisonment. In taking evidence, the chairman or any member of the Review Board, or its designated subordinates, shall have the power to administer oaths to witnesses. Where a designated subordinate of the Review Board presides over hearings on appeals, such subordinate shall submit recommended findings and a decision to the Review Board pursuant to § 2.2-4020.

1984, c. 457.

§ 32.1-166.8. Record of decisions.

A record of all decisions of the Review Board, properly indexed, shall be kept in the office of such Review Board. The records shall be open to public inspection at all times during business hours.

1984, c. 457.

§ 32.1-166.9. Interpretation of application of regulations; recommendation of modifications.

The Review Board shall interpret the application of the provisions of the Sewage Handling and Disposal Regulations in its review of appeals and shall make such recommendations, as it deems appropriate, to the Board for modification, amendment or repeal of any such provisions of the regulations. A record of all such recommendations, and of the Board's actions thereon, shall be kept in the office of the Review Board. Such record shall be open to public inspection at all times during business hours.

1984, c. 457.

§ 32.1-166.10. Appeals fees.

The Department shall establish a reasonable fee to be charged to the appealing party commensurate with the time and expenses related to the handling of each appeal.

1984, c. 457; 1994, c. 747.