Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 32.1. Health
Chapter 6. Environmental Health Services

Article 4. Mosquito Control Districts.

§ 32.1-187. Counties, cities and towns may create mosquito control districts.

The governing body of any county, city or town, either alone or jointly with one or more other counties, cities or towns, may create one or more mosquito control districts. A mosquito control district may comprise the whole or any part of the county, city or town or combination thereof creating such district, except that no mosquito control district in a county shall include the territory within an incorporated town within such county except by agreement with such town.

Code 1950, § 32-379; 1950, p. 87; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-188. Consolidation of districts.

The governing body of any city which has established more than one mosquito control district pursuant to § 32.1-187 may, by ordinance, consolidate such districts under a single commission which may function under the appropriate city department or other agency as determined by the local governing body.

Code 1950, § 32-379.1; 1973, c. 501; 1979, c. 711; 1981, c. 354; 2002, cc. 224, 233.

§ 32.1-189. Mosquito control commission; composition; appointment of members.

A. Each mosquito control district shall be administered by a commission of three members, one of whom shall be the Commissioner or his designee, except as provided for a consolidated city mosquito control commission in subsection B. The Commissioner or his designee shall serve as chairman of each such commission. Where a mosquito control district consists of territory wholly within one political subdivision, the governing body of that political subdivision shall appoint the other two members of the commission; where a mosquito control district shall consist of territory in two political subdivisions, the governing body of each such political subdivision shall appoint one member; and where any mosquito control district shall, by agreement between political subdivisions, consist of territory lying within more than two political subdivisions, the remaining two members of the commission for that district shall be appointed by the Commissioner from the residents of such district.

B. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection A, in the event of consolidation of city mosquito control districts and commissions pursuant to § 32.1-188, such consolidated commission may consist of no more than fifteen commissioners, one of whom shall be the Commissioner or his designee who shall serve as the chairman of the consolidated city mosquito control commission.

Code 1950, § 32-380; 1979, c. 711; 2002, cc. 224, 233.

§ 32.1-190. Powers of commission; oath and terms of members; vacancies.

Each mosquito control commission district shall be a body politic and corporate and shall have all the powers necessary to carry into effect all of the provisions of this article. Each member of any such commission shall take and subscribe to the oath prescribed by § 49-1. The term of each commission member other than the Commissioner or his designee shall be four years and thereafter until his successor has been duly appointed and qualified. A vacancy other than by expiration of term shall be filled for the unexpired term by the authority originally making the appointment.

Code 1950, § 32-381; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-191. Secretary of commission.

A mosquito control commission shall appoint its secretary either from the membership of such commission or otherwise and shall fix his compensation. The commission may require bond of its secretary in excess of the funds which may come into his hands and conditioned upon the faithful application of such funds.

Code 1950, § 32-382; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-192. Further powers of commission.

Each mosquito control commission is empowered to employ all necessary personnel and to perform all acts necessary to control and eliminate mosquitoes in the district but such actions shall be subject to private property rights in the areas in which the work of the commission is performed.

Code 1950, § 32-383; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-193. Eminent domain.

Each mosquito control commission is vested with the power of eminent domain to the extent necessary to carry out the provisions of this article. Condemnation proceedings shall be instituted and conducted in the name of the mosquito control commission for the district in which such property is located or the district for which its acquisition is deemed necessary and shall be conducted as prescribed by Chapter 2 (§ 25.1-200 et seq.) of Title 25.1.

Code 1950, § 32-384; 1979, c. 711; 2003, c. 940.

§ 32.1-194. Special tax authorized.

The governing body of any county, city or town, the whole or a part of whose territory is contained within a mosquito control district, is hereby authorized and empowered to levy annually a special tax upon all real and personal property subject to local taxation within the territory located within such county, city or town which is a part of such mosquito control district of not exceeding 25¢ per $100 of assessed valuation thereof, and all funds received from any tax levy so made shall be paid to the mosquito control commission for the mosquito control district in which the property subject to such levy is, and shall be expended by such mosquito control commission for the purposes authorized by this article.

Code 1950, § 32-385; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-195. Contributions from Board.

The Board is hereby authorized to contribute annually to any mosquito control commission a sum not more than 25 percent of the gross amount obtained by such commission annually from any special tax levy authorized by this article or contributed to such commission annually by direct appropriation of any county, city, town or combination thereof, but any such amount so contributed by the Board shall not exceed $10,000 in any 1 year; except that where separate mosquito control commissions have been consolidated pursuant to § 32.1-188, such maximum amount shall be computed so as to allow a contribution to that consolidated district in an amount not less than was received prior to such consolidation by all of the separate districts.

Code 1950, § 32-386; 1974, c. 475; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-196. Disposition of funds not needed for mosquito control.

Whenever funds accumulated by a mosquito control district are determined by the commission for such district to be no longer needed for the control of mosquitoes, such commission may transfer such funds as follows: (1) funds contributed by the Board, to the state treasury, (2) funds contributed by a county, city or town, to the treasury of such county, city or town, and (3) funds contributed by levy of a special tax upon property, to the treasury of the county, city or town wherein such property lies.

Code 1950, § 32-386.1; 1970, c. 391; 1979, c. 711.

§ 32.1-197. Compensation and expenses of members of commission.

The members of any mosquito control commission shall receive no salary for their services as such but shall receive necessary expenses incurred while actually engaged in discharge of their duties, to be paid out of the funds under the control of such commission; provided, however, that if any member shall be appointed secretary for his commission, he may be paid, and shall be entitled to receive, such compensation as the commission may determine.

Code 1950, § 32-387; 1979, c. 711.