Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 38.2. Insurance
Chapter 49. Continuing Care Providers and Community-Based Continuing Care Providers

Article 3. General Provisions.

§ 38.2-4924. Sale or transfer of ownership or change in management.

A. No provider and no person or entity owning a provider shall sell or transfer, directly or indirectly, more than 50 percent of the ownership of the provider or of a continuing care facility or community-based continuing care without giving the Commission written notice of the intended sale or transfer at least 30 days prior to the consummation of the sale or transfer. A series of sales or transfers to one person or entity, or one or more entities controlled by one person or entity, consummated within a six-month period that constitute, in the aggregate, a sale or transfer of more than 50 percent of the ownership of a provider or of a continuing care facility or community-based continuing care shall be subject to the foregoing notice provisions.

B. A provider of community-based continuing care or of a continuing care facility that shall change its chief executive officer, or its management firm if managed under a contract with a third party, shall promptly notify the Commission and the residents or participants of each such change.

2012, cc. 208, 303.

§ 38.2-4925. Financial instability.

The Commission may act as authorized by § 38.2-4931 to protect residents, prospective residents, participants, or prospective participants when the Commission determines that:

1. A provider has been or will be unable to meet the pro forma income or cash flow projections previously filed by the provider and such failure may endanger the ability of the provider to perform fully its obligation pursuant to its continuing care contracts or community-based continuing care contracts; or

2. A provider is bankrupt, insolvent, under reorganization pursuant to federal bankruptcy laws, or in imminent danger of becoming bankrupt or insolvent.

2012, cc. 208, 303.

§ 38.2-4926. Waivers.

No act, agreement, or statement of any resident or participant or by an individual purchasing care for a resident or participant under any agreement to furnish care to the resident or participant shall constitute a valid waiver of any provision of this chapter intended for the benefit or protection of the resident or participant or the individual purchasing care for the resident or participant.

2012, cc. 208, 303.

§ 38.2-4927. Untrue, deceptive, or misleading advertising.

The provisions of § 18.2-216 shall apply to all providers.

2012, cc. 208, 303.

§ 38.2-4928. Civil liability.

A. A person contracting with a provider for continuing care or community-based continuing care may terminate the continuing care or CBCC contract and such provider shall be liable to the person contracting for continuing care or CBCC for repayment of all fees paid to the provider, facility, or person violating this chapter, together with interest thereon at the legal rate for judgments, court costs, and reasonable attorney fees, less the reasonable value of care and lodging provided to the resident prior to the termination of the contract, and for damages if, after the effective date of this chapter, such provider or a person acting on his behalf, with or without actual knowledge of the violation, enters into a contract with such person:

1. For continuing care at a facility or community-based continuing care which has not registered under this chapter; or

2. Without having first provided to such person a disclosure statement that does not (i) contain any untrue statement of a material fact or (ii) omit a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary in order to make the statements made therein not misleading, in light of the circumstances under which they are made.

B. A person who willfully or recklessly aids or abets a provider in the commission of any act prohibited by this section shall be liable as set out in subsection A.

C. The Commission shall have no jurisdiction to adjudicate controversies concerning continuing care contracts or community-based continuing care contracts. A breach of contract shall not be deemed a violation of this chapter. Termination of a contract pursuant to subsection A shall not preclude the resident or participant from seeking any other remedies available under any law.

2012, cc. 208, 303.

§ 38.2-4929. Regulations.

A. The Commission shall have the authority to adopt, amend, or repeal rules and regulations that are reasonably necessary for the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter. The Commission may issue regulations setting forth those transactions that shall require the payment of fees by a provider and the fees that shall be charged.

B. Any provider may be given a reasonable time, not to exceed 120 days from the date of publication of any applicable rules and regulations or amendments thereto adopted pursuant to this chapter, within which to comply with the rules and standards.

2012, cc. 208, 303.

§ 38.2-4930. Investigations and subpoenas.

A. The Commission may make public or private investigations within or outside of the Commonwealth it deems necessary to determine whether any person has violated any provision of this chapter or any rule, regulation, or order promulgated by the Commission.

B. For the purpose of any investigation or proceeding under this chapter, the Commission or any officer designated by it may administer oaths and affirmations, subpoena witnesses, compel their attendance, take evidence, and require the production of any books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, agreements, or other documents or records that the Commission deems relevant or material to the inquiry.

2012, cc. 208, 303.

§ 38.2-4931. Cease and desist orders; injunctions.

Whenever it appears to the Commission that any person has engaged in, or is about to engage in, any act or practice constituting a violation of this chapter or any rule, regulation, or order issued under this chapter, the Commission may:

1. Issue an order directed at any such person requiring him to cease and desist from engaging in such act or practice; and

2. Upon a proper showing, issue a permanent or temporary injunction or a restraining order to enforce compliance with this chapter or any rule, regulation, or order issued under this chapter.

2012, cc. 208, 303.

§ 38.2-4932. Penalties.

A. Any person who willfully and knowingly violates any provision of this chapter, or any rule, regulation, or order issued under this chapter, shall be subject to payment of a fine as provided in § 38.2-218.

B. Nothing in this chapter limits the power of the Commonwealth to punish any person for any conduct that constitutes a crime under any other statute.

2012, cc. 208, 303.