Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia
Title 44. Military and Emergency Laws

Article 12. Support of Militia.

§ 44-112. Requisition for federal funds.

The Governor or such other state officer as may be authorized by law, shall make requisition upon the Secretary of Defense, through the National Guard Bureau, for such state allotment from federal funds as may be necessary for the support of the militia and as may be authorized by the laws and regulations of the United States.

1930, p. 970; Michie Code 1942, § 2673(97); R. P. 1948, § 44-112; 1958, c. 393.

§ 44-113. County, city and town appropriations.

Counties, cities, and towns may appropriate such sums of money and real and personal property as they may deem proper to the various organizations of the National Guard or the Virginia Defense Force, when such organizations are maintained within the limits of the counties, cities, and towns respectively; and counties may appropriate such sums of money and real and personal property as they may deem proper to the various organizations of the National Guard if such organizations are maintained in any incorporated town or city of the second class located within the geographical limits of such counties respectively.

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§ 44-114. Allowances made to organizations from state appropriations.

For the necessary expenses of the maintenance of the National Guard and the Virginia Defense Force, to include the providing of one flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia to the next of kin of any individual, upon his death, who was serving in, or honorably served for a period of 20 years in and retired from, the Virginia National Guard, the Virginia Defense Force, or a combination of both, the Adjutant General shall annually allot to each organization or unit such amounts as may in his judgment be advisable, and as may be available from the appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs, such allotment to be based upon such scheme of distribution as may appear equitable to the Adjutant General and best suited to the needs of the military forces of the Commonwealth.

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