Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 5.1. Aviation
Chapter 9. Air Carriers

Article 1. In General.

§ 5.1-89. Definitions.

Whenever used in this chapter unless expressly stated otherwise:

(a) The term "person" means any individual, firm, copartnership, corporation, company, association or joint-stock association, and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee, or personal representative thereof.

(b) The term "aircraft" means any contrivance, except a contrivance operating twenty-four inches or less above ground or water level, now known or hereafter invented, used, or designed for navigation of, or flight in, the airspace in the transportation of passengers, property or mail.

(c) The term "common carrier by aircraft" means any person who undertakes, whether directly or by a lease or any other arrangement, to transport passengers, property for the general public, or mail by aircrafts for compensation (wholly within the airspace of the Commonwealth), whether over regular or irregular routes, including such aircraft operations of carriers by rail, water or motor vehicle and of express or forwarding companies.

(d) The term "restricted common carrier by aircraft" means any person who undertakes, whether directly or by lease or other arrangement, to transport passengers or property of any restricted class or classes by aircraft for compensation whether over regular or irregular routes.

(e) [Repealed.]

(f) The term "air carrier" includes a common carrier by aircraft, a restricted common carrier by aircraft, and a contract carrier by aircraft.

(g) The term "broker" means any person not included in the term air carrier and not a bona fide employee or agent of any such carrier, who, as principal or agent, sells or offers for sale any transportation subject to this chapter, or negotiates for, or holds himself out by solicitation, advertisement, or otherwise as one who sells, provides, furnishes, contracts, or arranges for such transportation.

(h) The "services" and "transportation" to which this chapter applies include all aircraft operated by, for, or in the interest of, any air carrier irrespective of ownership or contract, express or implied, together with all facilities and property operated or controlled by any such carrier or carriers and used in the transportation of passengers, property or mail or in the performance of any service in connection therewith.

(i) The term "certificate" means a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the State Corporation Commission to common carriers by aircraft and restricted common carriers by aircraft under this chapter.

(j) [Repealed.]

(k) The term "airport" means a landing area used regularly by aircraft for receiving or discharging passengers or cargo, and open to the public for use.

(l) The term "landing area" means any locality, either of land or water, including airports and intermediate landing fields, which is used, or intended to be used, for the landing and takeoff of aircraft, whether or not facilities are provided for the shelter, servicing, or repair of aircraft, or for receiving or discharging passengers or cargo, and open to the public for such use.

(m) The term "airspace" means all airspace above the lands and waters within the boundary of this Commonwealth.

(n) For the purposes of this chapter, "Commission" means the State Corporation Commission.

Code 1950, § 56-142; 1952, c. 597; 1970, c. 708; 1979, c. 272; 1980, c. 721.

§ 5.1-90. Exempted aircraft.

This chapter shall not be construed to cover or include aircraft used exclusively in transporting or handling United States mail, or aircraft while used exclusively in interstate commerce; provided, however, that any common carrier of passengers by airplane holding proper authority for and operating in interstate commerce on January 1, 1970, in the transportation of passengers between any licensed airport adjacent to or within three miles of the Virginia State Line on the one hand and any other licensed airport in Virginia on the other, shall, without further proceedings, be issued a certificate by the Commission authorizing such operations as a common carrier of passengers by aircraft in intrastate commerce if application is made to the Commission within 120 days after this section takes effect. Pending the determination of any such application, the continuance of such operation without a certificate shall be lawful.

Code 1950, § 56-143; 1952, c. 597; 1970, c. 708.

§ 5.1-90.1. Incidental transportation of certain passengers and property by motor vehicle.

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit the transportation of property or guards or other attendants of such property by motor vehicle when such transportation is incidental to transportation by aircraft, provided that such transportation shall not exceed twenty-five miles from airport to destination of such guards or other attendants or property.

1972, c. 281.

§ 5.1-91. Air carriers to comply with chapter; subject to regulation by Commission.

No air carrier shall operate any aircraft for the transportation of passengers or property for compensation in the airspace of this Commonwealth except in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, and every such air carrier is hereby declared to be subject to control, supervision and regulation by the Commission.

Code 1950, § 56-144; 1970, c. 708.

§ 5.1-92. Regulation by Commission; reports; prevention of discrimination.

The Commission shall supervise, regulate and control all air carriers, doing business in this Commonwealth, in all matters relating to the performance of their public duties and their charges therefor, and shall correct abuses therein by such air carriers; and to that end the Commission shall, from time to time, prescribe reasonable rules, regulations, forms and reports for such air carriers in furtherance of the administration and operation of this chapter; and the Commission shall have the right at all times to require from such air carriers special reports and statements under oath, concerning their business.

The Commission shall, from time to time, make and enforce such requirements, rules and regulations as may be necessary to prevent unjust and unreasonable discriminations by any air carrier in favor of, or against, any person, locality, community or connecting carrier in the matter of service, schedule, efficiency of transportation or otherwise, in connection with the public duties of such air carriers; and the Commission shall administer and enforce all provisions of this chapter, and prescribe reasonable rules, regulations and procedure looking to that end.

Code 1950, § 56-145; 1970, c. 708.

§ 5.1-93. Regulation of brokers.

The Commission shall also regulate brokers and make and enforce reasonable requirements respecting their licenses, financial responsibility, accounts, records, reports, operations and practices.

Code 1950, § 56-146; 1970, c. 708.