Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 56. Public Service Companies
Subtitle .
Chapter 10.2. Certain Water and Sewerage Systems Not Regulated As Public Utilities

Chapter 10.2. Certain Water and Sewerage Systems Not Regulated As Public Utilities.

§ 56-265.10. Definitions.

(a) "Water system" as used herein means any privately owned connected system of mains, pipes, conduits, pumping stations, reservoirs and related facilities furnishing water to 50 or more subscribers for compensation when the person who furnishes the service is not subject to regulation by the Commission as a public utility under Chapter 10 (§ 56-232 et seq.) of Title 56.

(b) "Sewerage system" means any privately owned system of pipelines or conduits, pumping stations, force mains, sewage treatment plants, and all other constructions, devices, and appliances appurtenant thereto, used for conducting or treating sewage as that term is defined in Chapter 3.1 (§ 62.1-44.2 et seq.) of Title 62.1, which furnishes service for compensation to 50 or more subscribers, which is not subject to regulation by the Commission as a public utility, and for which a certificate has not been issued or applied for in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 3.1 of Title 62.1.

(c) "Commission" means the State Corporation Commission.

(d) "Person" means person as that term is defined in § 1-230.

1954, c. 669; 2005, c. 839.

§ 56-265.11. Petition of subscribers alleging inadequacy of service; Commission to investigate and formulate opinion.

If fifty or more of the subscribers, but not more than one from any one household, who have contracts to purchase water from a water system or for sewerage service from a sewerage system file with the Commission a petition alleging that the service furnished by the system is inadequate and ought to be improved, the Commission shall after notice to the operators of such system investigate the complaint and formulate an opinion whether in the light of the successful performance of sewerage or water systems of similar design and purpose, the system is capable of serving the reasonable domestic needs of the persons or properties served.

1954, c. 669.

§ 56-265.11:1. Notification to energy utilities.

Each person operating a sewerage system which includes one or more sewage treatment plants shall notify in writing, the Commission, the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality and each electric or natural gas utility supplying or distributing energy to such system that such system includes a sewage treatment plant.

2000, c. 183.

§ 56-265.12. Opinion of Commission admissible in evidence.

The opinion of the Commission shall be furnished in writing to the petitioners and to the owners of the water or sewerage system and shall be admissible in evidence in any proceedings concerning contracts between such water sewerage system and its subscribers together with any other evidence which may be offered by either litigant.

1954, c. 669.

§ 56-265.13. Chapter not applicable to certain hotel corporations.

No provision of this chapter shall apply to a corporation the principal business of which is the operation of a hotel and which may extend the use of its surplus water and sewerage facilities to a limited number of patrons.

1954, c. 669.