Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 65.2. Workers' Compensation
Subtitle .
Chapter 11. Second Injury Fund

Chapter 11. Second Injury Fund.

§ 65.2-1100. Fund created.

There is hereby created a fund to be known as the "Second Injury Fund" to be administered, maintained and disbursed by the Commission as hereinafter provided.

1975, c. 365, § 65.1-138; 1991, c. 355.

§ 65.2-1101. Funding.

A. For the purpose of providing funds for compensation for disability as hereinafter defined, medical treatment and vocational rehabilitative services, a tax of one quarter of one percent shall be assessed, collected and paid into the state treasury by the same persons and in the same manner as set forth in Chapter 10 (§ 65.2-1000 et seq.) of this title.

B. This tax shall be in addition to the tax for the Commission administrative fund and shall be held by the Comptroller of the Commonwealth solely for the payment of awards against such fund.

C. In any fiscal year in which the Second Injury Fund has to its credit a sum in excess of $250,000, the tax shall be suspended for the ensuing fiscal years and its collection not resumed until the balance in the fund is reduced below $125,000.

1975, c. 365, § 65.1-139; 1980, c. 599; 1991, c. 355.

§ 65.2-1102. Disability defined.

For the purpose of this chapter, disability shall mean: (i) the partial or total loss or loss of use of an arm, hand, leg, foot, eye, finger, toe, or any combination of two or more thereof in an industrial accident and (ii) actual incapacity for work at the claimant's average weekly wage.

1975, c. 365, § 65.1-140; 1980, c. 599; 1991, c. 355.

§ 65.2-1103. When awards entered.

The Commission shall enter awards against the Second Injury Fund in favor of an employer or carrier only upon a finding that: (i) the employee has prior loss or loss of use, supported by medical evidence, of not less than twenty percent of one or more of the members set out in § 65.2-1102; (ii) the employee has suffered in an industrial accident an additional loss or loss of use of any one of the members set out in § 65.2-1102 of not less than twenty percent; (iii) the combination of both impairments has rendered the employee totally or partially disabled as defined in § 65.2-1102; (iv) the carrier or employer has paid the compensation due under §§ 65.2-500 and 65.2-502, and the permanent partial disability due under § 65.2-503 and the medical treatment under § 65.2-603; and (v) the employee is entitled to further compensation for disability which has been paid by the employer or carrier.

1980, c. 599, § 65.1-141.1; 1991, c. 355.

§ 65.2-1104. Award for compensation, medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation.

Upon a determination by the Commission that an employer or carrier has paid compensation, medical expenses or vocational rehabilitation services on behalf of an employee under circumstances as set forth under § 65.2-1103 and if notice of a claim against the Second Injury Fund was given prior to payment of the benefits, the Commission shall enter an award from the Second Injury Fund in favor of such employer or carrier for: (i) reimbursement on a pro rata basis of the compensation paid for further disability as set forth in clause (v) of § 65.2-1103, such prorating to be computed according to the number of weeks each impairment is allowed under the schedule in § 65.2-503; (ii) reimbursement of reasonable medical expenses on the same basis as set forth in subdivision (i) of this section, provided the second injury is to the same previously impaired member but such reimbursement shall not exceed $7,500; and (iii) reimbursement of reasonable vocational rehabilitation training service on the same basis as set forth in subdivision (i) of this section but said reimbursement not to exceed $7,500.

1980, c. 599, § 65.1-142.1; 1991, c. 355.

§ 65.2-1105. Payments by fraud, mistake or improper processing of claim; recovery.

Any payment to the employer or carrier pursuant to this chapter which is later determined by the Commission to have been procured through fraud, mistake or the improper processing of the claim by the carrier shall be recovered from the employer or carrier and credited to the Second Injury Fund. Any subrogation recoveries or other recoveries from a third party or other source shall be shared by the employer or carrier and the Second Injury Fund on a pro rata basis after deducting all reasonable expenses in obtaining the recovery.

1975, c. 365, § 65.1-144; 1980, c. 599; 1991, c. 355.

§ 65.2-1106. Claims and hearings.

Claims against the Second Injury Fund and any hearings on the merits of such claims shall be within the time limits and in the manner otherwise provided for workers' compensation claims. All claims against the Second Injury Fund shall be defended by the Attorney General.

1975, c. 365, § 65.1-145; 1991, c. 355.