Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 8.01. Civil Remedies and Procedure
Chapter 8. Process

Article 2. How Process Is Issued.

§ 8.01-290. Plaintiffs required to furnish full name and last known address of defendants, etc.

Upon the commencement of every action, the plaintiff shall furnish in writing to the clerk or other issuing officer the full name and last known address of each defendant and if unable to furnish such name and address, he shall furnish such salient facts as are calculated to identify with reasonable certainty such defendant. The clerk or other official whose function it is to issue any such process shall note in the record or in the papers the address or other identifying facts furnished. Failure to comply with the requirements of this section shall not affect the validity of any judgment.

Code 1950, § 8-46.1; 1962, c. 10; 1977, c. 617.

§ 8.01-291. Copies to be made.

The clerk issuing any such process unless otherwise directed shall deliver or transmit therewith as many copies thereof as there are persons named therein on whom it is to be served.

Code 1950, § 8-57; 1977, c. 617.

§ 8.01-292. To whom process directed and where executed.

Process from any court, whether original, mesne, or final, may be directed to the sheriff of, and may be executed in, any county, city, or town in the Commonwealth.

Code 1950, § 8-44; 1954, c. 333; 1977, c. 617.